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NASA 360 is a half-hour broadcast program produced by the National Institute of Aerospace for NASA.

By examining how technologies developed by and for NASA are used in everything from space exploration to everyday consumer products, NASA 360 showcases how NASA changes our lives in positive ways.

The program appeals to all ages, but is crafted to reach the Gen X and Y demographic.

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Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: other

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 60 days

Show Producer: Kevin Krigsvold / NAtional Institute of Aerospace

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0001 NASA 360 Welcome to NASA 360.mpg00:24:280.76/N/A140/0
0002 NASA 360 Green Technologies and NASA.mpg00:24:310.75/N/A144/0
0003 NASA 360 Exploration and Racing.mpg00:24:300.57/N/A140/0
0004 NASA 360 NASA, Archaeology, and Paleontology.mpg00:24:310.57/N/A139/0
0005 NASA 360 Full Circle.mpg00:24:300.57/N/A123/0
0006 NASA 360 21st Century Lunar Exploration.mpg00:24:280.57/N/A139/0
0007 NASA 360 Mind Body Connection.mpg00:24:320.58/N/A133/0
0008 NASA 360 Volcanoes, Making Oxygen from Lunar Soil.mpg00:24:290.57/N/A136/0
0009 NASA 360 Kennedy Space Center.mpg00:24:300.58/N/A135/0
0010 NASA 360 Johnson Space Center.mpg00:24:310.58/N/A136/0
0011 NASA 360 NASA and Pro Athletes.mpg00:24:300.58/N/A135/0
0012 NASA 360 NASA in Your Home.mpeg00:24:330.58/N/A145/0
0013 NASA 360 Sensory Overload.mpg00:24:300.58/N/A159/0
0014 NASA 360 Desert RATS and Analog Testing.mpg00:24:300.58/N/A154/0
0015 NASA 360 NASA and the Future of Aeronautics.mpg00:24:290.57/N/A163/0
0016 NASA 360 Inspiration.mpg00:24:290.58/N/A153/0
0017 NASA 360 Composite Materials.mpg00:24:310.68/N/A154/0
0018 NASA 360 Return to Desert Rats.mpg00:24:310.75/N/A143/0

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