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Winner of the 2009 & 2010 WAVE Award for Educational Programming, Hometown 2010 & 2011 Award and 2010 Create TV Bay Area Award. Gardening Rhythms is a comprehensive urban gardening show (for any skill level gardener) embracing the wisdom of traditional farming systems, modern scientific, permaculture and technological knowledge. The show has a lot of eye-candy. The format contains no sponsors or commercials. It is a 30 minute show in 4:3 format for most if not all TVs. The Producer and Host of Gardening Rhythms career in gardening began at the tender age of 10 when he started a professional arborist business.

His father, who holds a graduate degree in Agriculture, taught him how to prune trees using loppers and a chain saw at the age of 10. At 13, he expanded into beekeeping. And his entrepreneurial pursuits continued through college with full landscaping design and installation of residential gardens.

To date, over 130 community TV stations play the show, called "Gardening Rhythms". He has committed to producing 26 episodes per year on organic gardening techniques, featuring local gardens and landscape experts.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Current events have made me change the name of the show to 'The Naked Garden'. The entire show remains exactly the same as 'Gardening Rhythms', except the name and music changes. That's it!!!

I'm continuing to produce 'The Naked Garden' for public access TV. The shows will have different topics and is separate from the professionally produced shows. (In my opinion, the Public Access ones will have more information and boldness than the professionally produced shows.)

'Gardening Rhythms' is now being produced professionally and we decided to keep the name for the professional show. I will upload the new shows to the same place as before under 'Gardening Rhythms'. Nothing changes.

This is part of a series of gardening shows using natural gardening methods, technology and organic gardening methods. This show fits into 30 minute time slot. There are no sponsors shown; this means this show can be viewed in anytime zone and area.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: International

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: other

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Gardening Rhythms

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Gardening Rhythms: Using colorwheels to pick colors for planters (2009)00:26:450.44128
Gardening Rhythms: Advanced Composting Part 1 (2010)00:22:010.36116
Gardening Rhythms: Advanced Composting Part 2 (2010)00:29:520.5071
Gardening Rhythms: Convert your lawn into a food forest (2010)00:28:300.47112
Gardening Rhythms: Design Ecology-Creating Vertical Gardens (2010)00:25:000.41116
Gardening Rhythms: Fall Pruning Topiary & General Pruning Techniques (2009)00:24:550.41105
Gardening Rhythms: Introduction to Composting (2009)00:21:370.35106
Gardening Rhythms: Introduction To Composting Using Worms (2009) Part 400:24:120.4092
Gardening Rhythms: Keeping Chickens (2010)00:21:540.3657
Gardening Rhythms: Luke Hass - Berkeley Native Garden (2010)00:29:460.4947
Gardening Rhythms: Making a Living Wall with Succulents (2010)00:29:300.4982
Gardening Rhythms: MiddleBrook Gardens Native Planting Landscapes (2009)00:24:590.4074
Gardening Rhythms: Naturally Revitalizing Soil With Cover Crops (2009)00:20:340.3492
Gardening Rhythms: Planning, Installing and Maintaining a Lake (2010)00:23:330.3968
Gardening Rhythms: PSA General Purpose - 6 min (2010)00:05:590.0928
Gardening Rhythms: PSA-General Purpose for Gardening Rhythms (2010)00:03:000.0432
Gardening Rhythms: Rain Water Catchments (2010)00:21:070.2087
Gardening Rhythms: Rose Bush & Grape Arber Pruning (2009)00:27:100.4588
Gardening Rhythms: Testing your Garden Soil at Home (2010)00:22:050.3692
Gardening Rhythms: Underground Lawn Drip System & Winter Planting (2009)00:25:390.9960
Gardening Rhythms: Visit to zBest Products Composting in Gilroy, CA (2010)00:20:000.3356
Gardening Rhythms: Water, Evapotranspiration And Plant Guilds (2010)00:28:150.4770
The Naked Garden: Aquaponics (2011)00:29:220.4945
The Naked Garden: Making A Moss Planter And Creating Decorative Stepping Stones (2011)00:27:480.4655
The Naked Garden: SoilFoodWeb Compost Extraction (2011)00:29:520.5055
The Naked Garden: SoilFoodWeb Creating New Soil Using Succession (2011)00:29:560.5051
The Naked Garden: SoilFoodWeb Making Compost Tea (2011)00:29:460.4953
The Naked Garden: SoilFoodweb Microbiology For Leaves (2011)00:29:580.5048
The Naked Garden: Spring Cleaning And Making A Litter Layer (2011)00:29:570.4968
The Naked Garden: The Nitrogen Cycle Part 1 (2011)00:26:540.4455
The Naked Garden: The Nitrogen Cycle Part 2 (2011)00:28:010.4643

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