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In the fall of 2007, Joe Cummings and Mike Abbene, who have a combined 40+ years in the film and television industry, developed the idea of an entertainment talk show that would highlight regional talent from across the six New England states.

Their brainstorming was the birth of the show, “Hollywood New England”. Mike and Joe felt that “Hollywood New England” should showcase talented artists in the film, music, arts and entertainment industry. They saw it as an opportunity for these artists to network with each other and to bring their undiscovered talent to the New England and Hollywood communities. The ultimate goal of this show is to recognize New England as a hotbed of talented artists both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. They saw it as an opportunity for these artists to network with each other and to bring their undiscovered talent to the New England and Hollywood communities.

Mike Abbene and Joe Cummings are the creators and executive producers of “Hollywood New England”. The show is also produced by Elena Abbene and Ken Lawrence. Joe Cummings’ resume includes work on television shows such as “Cheers”, “St. Elsewhere”, 40 Episodes of “Spenser for Hire” and features such as “The Verdict” with Academy Award winner Paul Newman and the Oscar-winning film, “On Golden Pond”. Mike Abbene and his wife Elena Abbene are producers and co-owners of Miken Entertainment Inc. with Ken Lawrence. They have several projects in development especially, “Cocoanut Grove”, the historic Boston fire of 1942, “Up Your Alley”, a celebrity game/reality show, “Maginary Way”, a television project for young children and several documentaries.

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Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: New Hampshire

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: Amherst Community Access Television

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0001 HollywoodNE The Producers.mpg00:31:430.5317
0002 HollywoodNE Mark Rosenthal.mpg00:25:110.4212
0003 HollywoodNE Gary Anderson.mpg00:45:120.7613
0004 HollywoodNE Matt Newton.mpg00:26:580.4511
0005 HollywoodNE Gail Scott-Key.mpg00:25:120.759
0006 HollywoodNE Rachel Barker Miss NH 2007.mpg00:21:550.659
0007 HollywoodNE Charles Carpenter.mpg00:28:560.6612
0008 HollywoodNE Morgan & Lori Murphy.mpg00:27:320.637
0009 HollywoodNE Just Say Love.mpg00:27:170.638
0010 HollywoodNE Just Say Love Actors.mpg00:21:330.508
0011 HollywoodNE Jessica Corriea & Blaine Morris.mpg00:18:350.296
0012 HollywoodNE David Wells, Psychic.mpg00:24:540.398
0013 HollywoodNE NE Ghosts - Ron Kolak & Maureen Wood.mpg00:27:030.427
0014 HollywoodNE Gavin Cromwell.mpg00:24:370.397
0015 HollywoodNE AnnetteSousa & Robert J LaLime.mpg00:31:000.496
0016 HollywoodNE Suzanne Gillies.mpg00:30:420.487
0017 HollywoodNE Mark Corke & Rita Barry-Corke.mpg00:29:220.467
0018 HollywoodNE Todd Norwood.mpg00:29:260.467
0019 HollywoodNE Oscar Night America Feb 22nd 2009.mpg00:28:130.677
0020 HollywoodNE Val Wilson & Mike Liston.mpg00:28:510.456
0021 HollywoodNE Charlie Sherman.mpg00:27:060.437
0022 HollywoodNE Bob Conroy.mpg00:28:300.457
0023 HollywoodNE Eboyne Jackson.mpg00:23:460.376
0024 HollywoodNE Eric Robert Eastman.mpg00:29:010.468
0025 HollywoodNE Sensei Peter Freedman.mpg00:29:480.477
0026 HollywoodNE Buzz McLaughlin and Aaron Wiederspahn.mpg00:28:250.455
0027 HollywoodNE Christmas Show 2008.mpg00:26:020.416
0028 HollywoodNE Julie Kinscheck, Singer-Songwriter.mpg00:26:190.615
0029 HollywoodNE William Erickson.mpg00:29:470.477
0030 HollywoodNE Justin Scarelli.mpg00:26:190.527

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