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These are programs that are of various community activities and events, generally around Southern New Hampshire.

These programs are to provide an insight into cultural life living in the “Voted” Forbes Magazine list of “America’s 100 Cheapest Places To Live” list, for best combination of safety, employment opportunity and general quality of life.

Frequency of episodes: Ad hock depending upon event organizers

The Alliance for Community Media Northeast Region
Keene Ice and Snow Festival 2009
1st place
In the category
Attractions - Non-Professional
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Type of Show: Multiple episode series

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State of Production and/or Target State or Province: New Hampshire

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: LAC

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0002 Railway show march 2009 v1.mpg00:30:270.518
0003 Save the Grange Part 1 Aug 09 V1.mpg00:29:570.502
0004 Save the Grange Part 2 Aug 09 V1.mpg00:28:380.471
0005 Save the Grange Part 3 Aug 09 V1.mpg00:29:580.501
0006 Save the Grange Part 4 Aug 09 V1.mpg00:31:080.521
0007 Save the Grange Part 5 Aug 09 V1.mpg00:29:580.501
0008 Brian Templeton Oct 2009 v8.mpg00:58:130.974

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