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“Gallery Works”, the 2009 Wisconsin Association of PEG Channels Video Festival award winning cable program, produced and hosted by Kitty Lynne Klich, is dedicated to the promotion of the Visual Arts and the Artists who create it. It is presented by the Plymouth Arts Center, Plymouth, Wisconsin, and taped under the direction of Keary Kautzer, of WSCS, Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The half hour program features either interviews with artists, who discuss and display their work, or demonstrations of a particular art form. A wide variety of mediums, styles, and approaches to art are shown and discussed.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

The program is a monthly series with a broad regional/national appeal. It focuses on visual artists with interviews and demonstrations in various mediums.

** January 2012 Ms. Klich announced the conclusion of the Gallery Works series. Thanks for the support and feel free to continue showing past episodes.

Kitty Klich is producing a new series called "Painting Journeys" which is free to download, Please check it out.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Wisconsin

Frequency of Episodes: One time show

Show Producer: WSCS, City of Sheboygan

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0055 Gallery Works-Poinsettia Oil Painting Demo.mpg00:28:030.9919
0073 VanDer Puy Interview00:28:560.9915
0074 VanDer Puy Demo00:28:350.9911
0075 Fiber Art00:29:530.3913
0076 Gallery Works Lori Beringer Interview.mpg00:28:470.9916
0077 Gallery Works Lori Beringer Demo Pt1.mpg00:29:160.9914
0078 Gallery Works Lori Beringer Demo Pt2.mpg00:29:280.996
0079 Gallery Works Lori Beringer Demo Pt3.mpg00:28:420.9911
0080 Gallery Works Christ Tzakais.mpg00:28:490.999
0081 Gallery Works Alice Tzakais.mpg00:28:540.9913
0082 Gallery Works Phyllis Brillowski.mpg00:29:340.5210
0083 Gallery Works William Weidner.mpg00:30:080.5311
0084 Gallery Works Rita Harmeling Pt1.mpg00:29:210.5210
0085 Gallery Works Rita Harmeling Pt2.mpg00:28:570.5110
0086 Gallery Works Julie Ganzer.mpg00:28:580.2411
0087 Gallery Works Michael Kutzer.mpg00:29:190.2513
0088 Gallery Works Henry Meller.mpg00:29:160.9113
0089 Gallery Works Dan Gardiner.mpg00:30:000.9414
0090 Gallery Works Alice Tzakais Bookmaker.mpg00:28:580.9113
0091 Gallery Works Rev Martin Carney Spirituality of Art.mpg00:28:350.8911
0092 Gallery Works Paula Swayden-Grebel Oil Painter Interview.mpg00:29:060.9112
0094 Gallery Works Work of Frederick Welhelm Heine00:30:000.9310
0095 Michael Kutzer_Transcriptionist00:29:050.907
0096 Virtual Art Gallery of Sheboygan00:28:160.8812
0097 Summer to Winter pt 1 Klich00:28:400.909
0098 Summer to Winter pt 2 Klich00:28:320.897
0099 Jewelry Out of Fabric Interview00:29:060.917
0100 Jewelry Out of Fabric Demonstration00:28:500.9010
0101 Cassy Tully-Textural Acrylic Artist00:29:120.919
0102 Textural Acrylic Artist Demo00:28:540.9011
0103 Marcia Getto-Scenic & Macro Photography00:28:170.889
0104 Collaborative Works of Metal and Pottery00:28:410.909
0105 Gallery Works Frank Juarez - Founder SVA.mpg00:29:410.937
0107 Gallery Works Jean Crane Interview.mpg00:28:170.886
0108 Gallery Works Keary Kautzer Interview.mpg00:29:290.927
0109 Gallery Works Hoopman Interview00:29:190.927
0110 Oriental Brush Painting Interview00:28:270.8910
0111 Oriental Brush Painting Demonstration00:28:240.8912
0112 James Hempel-Portrait & Plein Air Artist-Interview00:29:160.919
0113 James Hempel-Portrait & Plein Air Artist-Demo00:29:390.9312
0114 Art and Water Conservation00:29:480.938
0116 Pottery Throwing with Charna Schwartz00:29:550.7111
0117 Winter Storm00:28:260.6810
0118 Dan Sohre00:29:400.719
0119 Marianne Helm Paper Making.mpg00:29:260.7011
0120 Dale Knaak.mpg00:29:050.699
0121 Water’s Edge Artists Part 1 of 200:28:500.698
0122 Water’s Edge Artists Part 2 of 200:28:300.689
0123 Jan Drees-assemblage.mpg00:28:490.689
0124 Ron Brenwall-woodturning.mpg00:28:580.6911
0125 Patty Aker Interview.mpg00:28:320.6810
0126 Aker demonstration00:29:190.7012
0127 Phillip Wynveen – Multimedia Artist00:28:570.699
0128 Mary Rypel Anderson – Artist in Pastels00:29:050.6912
0129 Ann Juneau – Finger Painting Artist00:28:500.6911
0130 Lisa Lehmann – Photographer00:29:020.6913
0131 Interview with Daniel Rizzi00:29:120.6911
0132 Portrait of Red Lily Demo - Klich00:28:550.698
0133 Klich - Pet Portraits Interview and Demo00:29:070.698
0134 Pet Portrait Demo00:28:500.6911
0135 Art in the Family00:28:560.699
0136 The Itinerant Artist.mpg00:29:580.7110
0137 Holiday Demo Pt100:28:230.679
0138 Holiday Demo Pt200:29:030.699
0139 Beth Lipman - Glass Artist00:29:090.6912
0140 The Nature of Three00:28:540.6910

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