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So you got hurt at work and the insurance company that your employer uses for Workers' Compensation coverage won't compensate you for your injuries and is making your life a living hell and treating you like a piece of garbage!? You say that you have to beg for basic simple medical diagnostic procedures? Is it illegal? You bet it is? But this is a familiar problem that occurs daily in the United States to thousands of productive workers.

Workers' Compensation stopped being about workers long ago and it does very little to compensate those who get injured at work. The sad reality is that it's simply about Power, Politics and Money. With the "Get Out Of Jail FREE" card called "The Exclusive Remedy" doctrine that the insurance industry hides behind to commit the most horrendous of crimes against the American worker, you and I don't have a fighting chance against them when your employer negligently causes an unsafe workplace that results in a worker injury!

Injured On The Job is the highly acclaimed 1 hour television show that exposes the massive and uncontrolled fraud and corruption routinely perpetrated by Workers' Compensation insurance companies around the United States every day. The insurance industry has a financial and legislative stranglehold on the social safety net that is supposedly there to protect us in case we are injured on the job.

Workers' Compensation is no longer about truth, justice, fairness, equity or even honesty. It's about cost containment on a grand scale by the insurance companies, plain & simple! It's no longer about working people, just simply money! These insurance providers will spend a dollar to save a dime just to make sure that no adverse precedents are set. Those in government whose job is to protect us from these vicious corporate predators simply don't, and the working man suffers the indignities and hardships of a broken system needlessly, while these vicious corporate predators are laughing all the way to the bank!

Our hosts interview a wide variety of guests to bring these ever so important issues to the forefront of daily conversation. As we are able, we also interview those who are injured at work and show how dysfunctional the systems are around the United States.

This is a 58:30 TRT show, now produced in California by the non-profit National Organization of Injured Workers, Inc., a California based national injured worker advocacy organization whose goal is to inform, educate and empower the occupationally injured around the country.. Although it's subject matter sometimes deals with the California Workers Compensation system, the information it offers is appropriate for all states as this is a national problem.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 60 days

Show Producer: Injured Workers Television Network ( IWTN)

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IOTJ007 - Almost Broken, The Documentary & Movie.00:58:300.991
IOTJ008 - Workers Compensation, The Scam Of The Century.00:58:330.991
IOTJ009 - 30 Years & Counting - Self Insurance Plans - A Doctor Speaks Out.00:58:300.991
IOTJ010 - California Doctors Speak Out About Senate Bill 899. An Insight To The Kaiser HMO.00:58:310.991
IOTJ011 - Adding Insult To Injury & The Barbara Clark Lawsuit.00:58:230.991
IOTJ012 - Federal HIPAA Laws & The Injured Worker.00:58:200.991
IOTJ013 - When Will The Fraud & Corruption Stop?00:58:100.991
IOTJ014 - Come On, So Who's Really Crazy Here? Where's VIAW?00:58:300.991
IOTJ015 - Leveling The Workers' Compensation Playing Field.00:58:280.991
IOTJ016 - The Barbara Clark Story. Yes, You Can Sue Your Employer!00:58:310.991
IOTJ017 - To Protect, To Serve, To Become Injured In The Line Of Duty, To Become Dispensible!00:58:310.991
IOTJ018 - The Applicant's Solution For Worker's Compensation.00:58:220.991
IOTJ019 - How Lowe Will An Employer Go To Stick It To A Worker?00:58:300.991
IOTJ020 - Meetings... More Meetings... Nothing But Meetings...00:58:300.991
IOTJ021 - California's Workers Compensation Widows.00:58:320.992
IOTJ022 - When Laws Mean Nothing - The Anita Blick Story.00:03:090.071
IOTJ023 - The Culture Of Corruption00:58:310.992
IOTJ025 - Workers Compensation Fraud: Stop The Hypocrisy!00:58:520.991
IOTJ026 - The Rhetoric & Workers Compensation Realities, Debunking All The Mis-information.00:58:310.991
IOTJ027 - Apportionment To Causation; Another Interesting Insurance Industry Fairy Tale00:58:300.991
IOTJ030 - The Fair Medical Practice Ballot Initiative.00:58:180.995
IOTJ031 - Michael Moore Testifies Before The California Senate.00:58:290.995
IOTJ032 - The Workers Compensation Fraud Problem In California.00:58:470.994
IOTJ033 - The Federal RICO Statutes & The Injured Worker.00:58:320.994
IOTJ034 - A Family's Outrage....Taneka Talley's Story.00:58:300.993
IOTJ035 - Bad Faith..... The Documentary.00:58:310.997
IOTJ036 - Doctor-Lawyer-Indian Chief, Fireman-Policeman....00:58:290.994

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