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Open Mic Poetry is a monthly show of poets from San Francisco and around the world. Generally the poets have nationally available books. I also post them online for viewing and podcasting at: . The youtube main address is: I recommend you view them first on those sites if you want more than the ten minute glance that pegmedia offers.
I have alot of videos of poetry festivals and other things in broadcast quality here including audio: that you can download. Feel free to use it.

I've decided that for my TV show I am going to have a second host named Clara Hsu I think this is my best format for my TV shows. In this format we will have two segments within 30 minutes with 2 poets instead of just one.

Note as of 6/12/09: I hope people will download my bluscreen episodes of "Open Mic Poetry" but I am going to from now on be producing shows without bluescreen because at standard def I prefer regular backdrops.
All old Bluscrreen shows will say: Chroma-key.

Most of my videos I have run thru Streamclip, but I would check and run them again the way Pegmedia recommends. They are all valid working videos tho'

Notes to Stations About This Show:

For more information about my poetry podcast/tv show email me at info at
For all my web sites visit: .

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: John Rhodes

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Open Mic Poetry Clara Hsu and Bill Mercer Poetic Duet No Chroma Key00:28:400.67/N/A54/0
Open Mic Poetry Stephen kopel & Marc kockinos.mpg00:28:540.68/N/A34/0
0019 Open Mic Poetry Foley Weiss converted NO CHROMA KEY.mpg00:29:230.68/N/A43/0
0020 Open Mic Poetry C Kraman NO CHROMA KEY improved audio.mpg00:28:180.66/N/A40/0
0031 Open Mic Poetry Bill Gainer Chroma key.mpg00:29:320.93/N/A36/0
0034 Open Mic Poetry Dana Lomax Steve Mackin no chroma key00:29:430.69/N/A27/0
0044 Open Mic Poetry Dan Brady & Wendy Wolters.mpg00:29:390.69/N/A30/0
Al Averbach and John Rhodes on San Francisco Poetry Podcast TV 00:29:520.70/N/A8/0
Al Young on San Francisco Open Mic Poetry TV: Re-mastered00:27:190.64/N/A16/0
Bob Clifford and Adelle Foley on San Francisco Poetry Podcast TV 00:24:580.80/N/A20/0
Carolyn Mary Kleefeld and Peter Thabit Jones: Open Mic Poetry TV00:29:240.69/N/A24/0
Chappell, David Holt, and Bob Loomis on San Fran. Poetry TV00:30:010.93/N/A15/0
Charles Entrekin & Vince Storti on San Francisco Open Mic Poetry TV00:29:430.69/N/A24/0
Clara reading in Chorus w/Jack & Adelle Foley on Poetry TV00:29:470.70/N/A23/0
Diane Frank + Hal Robins on San Francisco Open Mic Poetry TV 00:26:530.63/N/A8/0
E.K. Keith and Anna Booth open mic poetry TV00:28:290.67/N/A17/0
Ed Coletti and David Madgalene read on San Fran. Poetry TV00:29:590.70/N/A13/0
Elizabeth Hack & Amos White on San Francisco Open Mic Poetry TV00:28:490.68/N/A10/0
Erica Goss and Charles Blackwell Open Mic Poetry Podcast TV00:29:510.70/N/A15/0
Gary Turchin and Alex Benedict on Open Mic Poetry TV00:28:150.59/N/A17/0
J.R. Brady and William Taylor on Open Mic Poetry PEG TV00:29:450.70/N/A16/0
Jack Foley and Cesar Love on Open Mic Poetry00:29:070.68/N/A23/0
Jane Rades & Ann Leonard on San Francisco Open Mic Poetry tv 00:25:380.60/N/A10/0
Jeanne Lupton and Jack O'Neill on San Francisco Open Mic Poetry Podcast TV00:29:530.89/N/A14/0
Jennifer Barone and Sally Love Saunders on San Francisco Poetry TV00:29:180.69/N/A10/0
Jesse Glass, Jack Foley, Clara Hsu on the San Francisco Poetry Show00:27:280.64/N/A15/0
Jimmy Mankind, Laurie Winestock, S. Kopel,Clara Hsu on PEG Poetry TV00:30:200.95/N/A12/0
Joan Gelfand and Bob Dewhurst Open Mic Poetry TV00:28:280.80/N/A12/0
Joyce Jenkins & Richard Silberg on Open Mic Poetry TV00:29:030.68/N/A18/0
Joyce Jenkins Poetry Flash Award: dual mono, no chroma-key00:29:580.70/N/A21/0
Larry Beresford and Rose Mark read on San Francisco Poetry TV00:28:200.66/N/A18/0
Laura Eden + Chris Olander on S.F. Poetry Podcast PEG TV00:28:390.65/N/A12/0
Marsha Campbell & Tim Donnelly TV Show 00:29:540.93/N/A11/0
Marvin Hiemstra & Jeffrey Lilly read on S.F. Poetry TV00:24:520.58/N/A16/0
Nellie Wong & Valerie Ibarra-Featured Poets-San Francisco Poetry TV00:29:360.69/N/A7/0
Open Mic Poetry AMUN JOHN JC no chroma key.mpg00:29:590.70/N/A22/0
Open Mic Poetry Ana Elsner-Richard Loranger No chroma key00:28:000.67/N/A27/0
Open Mic Poetry Brennan Manning no chroma key.mpg00:27:580.64/N/A25/0
Open Mic Poetry Chris Bernard and Carlos Ramirez no chroma key.mpg00:28:570.67/N/A21/0
Open Mic Poetry Chris Trian and Deidre Evans.mpg00:28:280.66/N/A22/0
Open Mic poetry Clive Matson Chroma Key.mpg00:26:470.82/N/A25/0
Open Mic Poetry Dale Jenson & Judi Wells.mpg00:27:570.65/N/A19/0
Open Mic Poetry Doreen Stock Chroma Key.mpg00:29:380.68/N/A21/0
Open Mic Poetry Ed Mycue CHROMA-KEY00:28:09N/A/N/A21/0
Open Mic Poetry Emmanuel Williams Chroma key.MPG00:28:340.89/N/A23/0
Open Mic Poetry Geri Digiorno and Nancy Keane 00:26:300.61/N/A19/0
Open Mic Poetry Greg P. and Carlos R. :Sing Langston Hughes00:26:560.63/N/A16/0
Open Mic Poetry Ivan Arguelles CHROMA-KEY00:28:110.87/N/A24/0
Open Mic Poetry Jim LeCuyer & Alan Kaufman 00:28:570.67/N/A21/0
Open Mic Poetry Joan Gelfand and Jeanne Lupton no chroma key00:29:120.70/N/A26/0
Open Mic Poetry John Rhodes Steve A. No Chroma key.mpg00:29:420.69/N/A20/0
Open Mic Poetry Ken Saffran Selene Steese No Chroma Key.mpg00:28:380.66/N/A21/0
Open Mic Poetry Lawrence DiCostanzo + Karen M. McGoon 00:29:300.69/N/A9/0
Open Mic Poetry Lucille Lang Day & Avotcja No Chroma Key00:29:000.68/N/A21/0
Open Mic Poetry Martha Meltzer Poet laureate-Pleasanton, CA. CHROMA-KEY00:29:490.93/N/A23/0
Open Mic Poetry Martin Hickel-KellyAnn Conway no/chroma/key00:29:550.71/N/A18/0
Open Mic Poetry Rebecca Foust no chroma key.mpg00:29:020.67/N/A24/0
Open Mic Poetry Robert Arthur no Chroma Key.mpg00:29:110.67/N/A23/0
Open Mic Poetry Roz Spafford no chroma key00:29:290.69/N/A25/0
Open Mic Poetry with Herman Berlandt New Chroma Key00:29:360.70/N/A15/0
Open Mic Poetry with Poets Kirk Lumpkin & Gail Mitchell00:28:250.48/N/A19/0
Open Mic Poetry: Mike Aguzin and Mary Marcia Casoly00:30:280.71/N/A17/0
Open Mic Poetry_Ormerod_Lyon_Mackey_Mel.mpg00:29:400.69/N/A23/0
Poet Robert Arthur Fancy Background Version (Chroma-Key)00:30:030.94/N/A13/0
S.F. Open Mic Poetry with Poet Neeli Cherkovski CHROMA-KEY00:28:48N/A/N/A28/0
Sharon Coleman and Fred Norman-Open Mic Poetry/Vegas Pro00:28:170.67/N/A12/0
Tyler Garrison and Kit Kennedy read on San Francisco Poetry TV00:28:450.82/N/A22/0

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