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The Drexel Interview TM is a half-hour, original series featuring interesting people and interesting talk. Hosted by best-selling author, critic and Drexel University Distinguished Professor of English Paula Marantz Cohen, each episode features an interview with a noteworthy figure. The Drexel InterView currently airs on over 315 University/ College, PBS, APT, and public stations throughout the US. We have a total of 125, 28-minute episodes featuring interviews with noteworthy figures in art, literature, film, science, business, medicine, and technology. Guests reflect a diversity of opinion and background. All are experts in their fields.
The show’s host, Paula Marantz Cohen, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide range of subjects. In addition to her Drexel teaching, she is the author of eight books, including the award-winning Silent Film and the Triumph of the American Myth (Oxford UP) and the best-selling novel, Jane Austen in Boca (St. Martin’s Press). She writes regularly for The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Times Literary Supplement, and The Yale Review, has a bi-weekly column on the online journal,, and is a co-editor of jml: The Journal of Modern Literature.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

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Show Producer: The Drexel InterView

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0002 Drexel Ha Jin.mpg00:30:040.999
0011 Drexel David Graham.mpg00:29:590.9910
0014 Drexel Jimmy Santiago Baca.mpg00:32:130.9521
0025a Drexel Venturi_Brown Part 1.mpg00:29:580.896
0025b Drexel Venturi_Brown Part 2.mpg00:29:350.876
0026 Drexel Kenny Gamble.mpeg00:30:070.9910
0030a Drexel Dana Gioia part 1.mpg00:29:100.868
0030b Drexel Dana Gioia part 2.mpg00:29:360.877
0031 Drexel Bharati Mukherjee.mpg00:29:450.8821
0033 Drexel Paul Muldoon.mpg00:29:520.996
0035a Drexel Camille Paglia part1.mpg00:29:480.889
0035b Drexel Camille Paglia part2.mpg00:30:040.898
0037 Drexel Jennifer Higdon.mpeg00:29:570.995
0042 Drexel Derek Gillman.mpeg00:28:350.993
0045 Drexel Eleanor Wilner.mpg00:28:220.967
0049 Drexel John Rich .mpeg00:28:360.993
0052 Drexel Norman Podhoretz.mpg00:00:020.014
0053 Drexel Elaine Terranova.mpeg00:28:480.453
0053 Drexel Elaine Terranova.mpg00:28:230.995
0055 Drexel Margo Jefferson.mpg00:28:300.9918
0056 Drexel Chris Matthews.mpg00:28:090.8320
0059 Drexel J Craig Ventner.mpg00:28:300.8416
0061 Drexel Williams_Tsien.mpg00:28:310.848
0064 Drexel Gerald Stern.mpg00:28:380.466
0065 Drexel Derrick Pitts Astronomer.mpg00:27:530.4534
0066 Drexel Chuck Barris Part 1.mpg00:27:340.4230
0067 Drexel Chuck Barris Part 2.mpg00:28:510.4426
0068 Drexel Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake.mpg00:28:370.4413
0069 Drexel Beth Kephart.mpg00:28:550.4517
0070 Drexel Paul Fussell.mpg00:28:410.4417
0071 Drexel Daniel C Esty.mpg00:28:270.4511
0072 Drexel Steven Johnson.mpg00:29:120.4511
0073 Drexel Brian Tierney.mpg00:28:310.4612
0074 Drexel Craig Newmark.mpg00:28:380.4214
0075 Drexel Wilson and Holldobler Part 1.mpg00:28:150.4512
0076 Drexel Wilson and Holldobler Part 2.mpg00:28:370.9912
0077 Drexel Matthew Quick.mpg00:28:340.4214
0079 Drexel Sotirios Mousouris.mpg00:28:300.9913
0080 Drexel Suzy Welch.mpg00:28:340.4811
0081 Drexel Antony Penrose.mpg00:28:190.469
0082 Drexel Rudy Giuliani part1.mpg00:28:250.4615
0083 Drexel Rudy Giuliani part2.mpg00:28:330.4613
0084 Drexel James J Collins.mpg00:28:310.498
0085 Drexel Karen Armstrong.mpg00:28:040.9412
0087 Drexel Cory Doctorow.mpg00:26:550.4712
0088 Drexel Gene Scheer.mpg00:26:490.4412
0089 Drexel Adam Gopnik.mpg00:27:030.4010
0093 Drexel David Denby (part1).mpg00:26:520.9214
0094 Drexel David Denby (part2).mpg00:26:500.9212
0097 Drexel John Waters (part 1).mpg00:26:530.4716
0098 Drexel John Waters (part 2)-mpeg00:26:500.4617
0099 Drexel Christopher Hitchens (part 1).mpg00:26:520.4615
0100 Drexel Christopher Hitchens (part 2).mpg00:26:510.4715
0101 Drexel Terry Teachout .mpeg00:26:570.4712
0102 Drexel A S Byatt.mpeg00:27:020.4412
0103 Drexel Nora Ephron PART 1.mpeg00:27:000.4017
0104 Drexel Nora Ephron PART 2.mpeg00:26:550.4017
0105 Drexel David Brigham.mpeg00:26:570.3913
0106 Drexel Fengming liu.mpeg00:26:540.3814
0107 Drexel Stephen Greenblatt (Part1) .mpg00:27:330.958
0108 Drexel Stephen Greenblatt (Part2) .mpeg00:26:470.928
0109 Drexel Terence Feury .mpg00:26:530.6311
0110 Drexel H.G. (Buzz) Bissinger.mpg00:26:530.649
0111 Drexel Patrick Mureithi.mpg00:26:490.6410
0112 Drexel Academy of Science (Part1).mpg00:26:480.638
0113 Drexel Academy of Science (Part2).mpg00:26:500.639
0116 Drexel Museum of the American Revolution 00:26:490.5712
0117 Drexel HF Gerry Lenfest 00:26:480.579
0118 Drexel Barnes Foundation (part 1) 00:26:480.657
0118 Drexel Barnes Foundation part 100:26:480.650
0119 Drexel Barnes Foundation (part 2) 00:26:480.637
0119 Drexel Barnes Foundation part 2) 00:26:480.630
0120 Drexel Robert AM Stern00:26:470.5610
0121 Drexel Hsiang-le Kung00:26:480.376
0122 Drexel Brenda Joysmith00:26:470.385
0123 Drexel Robert Bain00:26:500.375
0124 Drexel Kriner Cash00:26:480.394
0125 Drexel National Civil Rights Museum part 100:26:480.928
0126 Drexel National Civil Rights Museum part 200:26:490.927
0127 Drexel Nile Rogers part 100:26:500.929
0128 Drexel Nile Rogers part 200:26:480.929
0129 Drexel Lise Funderburg00:27:580.965
0130 Drexel Jessica Wapner00:26:480.388
0131 Drexel Steven Rea00:26:490.387
0132 Drexel G Wayne Clough 00:26:480.615
0133 Drexel Robert Wilson00:26:540.647
0134 Drexel Max Tegmark00:26:490.606
0135 Drexel Sal Mangione00:26:510.566
0136 Drexel Ishmael Beah00:26:470.686
0137 Drexel Wendy Lesser00:26:490.684
0138 Drexel Gary Shteyngart part 100:26:500.453
0139 Drexel Gary Shteyngart part 200:26:490.453
0140 Drexel D Walter Cohen00:27:050.615
0141 Drexel Eytan Fox00:27:070.594
0142 Drexel Francine Prose part 100:26:520.423
0143 Drexel Francine Prose part 200:27:000.453
0144 Drexel John Fry part 100:26:470.655
0145 DrexeJohn Fry part 200:26:470.664
Drexel Two Universities00:31:310.9410

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