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Yoga is the BEST health tonic for people of any size, shape, or age. As long as you can breathe, you can do yoga by connecting with your inhales and exhales. Practice along to create greater flexibility, mobility, strength and stamina in your body, mind, and spirit.
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Self-care is our best health care. A yoga practice with breath awareness are very powerful ways to maintain and improve your health and happiness.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

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State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: "Your Health and Joy" Yoga with Patricia Becker

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Alignment Basic in Yoga00:11:16N/A/0.810/3
Back-bends for Flexibility 001600:28:310.41/N/A49/0
Backbends for Flexibility00:28:37N/A/0.550/0
Core Stregthening Yoga 00:10:42N/A/0.200/16
Energize with Morning Yoga00:28:13N/A/0.540/19
Gentle Yoga for Everybody00:28:270.46/N/A33/0
Gentle Yoga for Joy 00:28:55N/A/0.560/1
Handstands and Shoulder Stands 001700:29:190.54/N/A45/0
Spinal Health with Yoga00:28:56N/A/0.560/2
Unwind with Evening Yoga00:28:16N/A/0.540/15
Yoga at Your Desk00:28:310.53/N/A34/0
Yoga at Your Desk - Office Yoga00:28:53N/A/0.550/0
Yoga for a Healthy Back 001100:28:490.50/N/A56/0
Yoga for Beginners 001400:29:120.46/N/A54/0
Yoga for Gardener's 002200:28:510.67/N/A31/0
Yoga for Good Digestion 001900:28:350.54/N/A34/0
Yoga for Hamstrings and Hips00:28:37N/A/0.550/13
Yoga for Hands and Feet 001300:28:090.44/N/A47/0
Yoga for Hip Mobility 001800:29:030.53/N/A33/0
Yoga for RestfulSleep 002000:29:200.63/N/A33/0
Yoga for Runners 001500:28:400.35/N/A40/0
Yoga for Runners and Hikers00:28:48N/A/0.550/0
Yoga for Smartphone Users 002100:28:430.56/N/A29/0
Yoga for Stress Relief 001200:28:300.46/N/A50/0
Yoga Headstand and Shoulderstands00:29:22N/A/0.560/1
Yoga Relief for Neck and Shoulders00:28:30N/A/0.550/14

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