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Ah, but this is not your grandparent's horror host show! Usually we get a creepy & clever monster host that has their few spots randomly through the show, but then we're still stuck with a Public Domain movie that we've already seen more times than we care to admit.
NOT HERE! You'll see these horrific films again for the first time and check this out... you'll actually want to see them again after to see what you have missed.
Our host, Octavian Hallow, has taken liberties with these classics... throughout the entire film! New graphics, sound and special effects, voice overs and re-edits tell these stories in sometimes an entirely different darkness and light. While Octavian, a ghost of an enchanted 17th century coven protector, searches for his preserved and hidden mortal remains... He "fixes" these old films to make them humorous for his graveyard dwelling friends.

Until your next scare or nightmare… we’ll see you there!

Notes to Stations About This Show:

More than just horror hosting… the entire film has been re-edited with effects, over-dubs and laughs. You will see these films for the first time and only like this here! Weeks to months go into each episode in manipulating them not just for on the spot gags… but a continuation of an entirely new storyline that even the original film makers surely would enjoy. The features are packed with so much new material that you will watch each film multiple times to catch the new and sometimes very subtle changes.
The host sequences are inspired by the classic hosts but are current with today’s humor. Though not intentionally crossing the line into unnecessary crudeness, we still heed caution, parental advisory would be suggested. As a personal rule we stay in the bounds of SNL. These films are aged quality to start so the other sequences are muddied down a bit to give a connection to the media.
Once folks catch on to what’s going on with these films, I’m sure word will spread among your audience like the black plague.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: Haven Falls Horror Fixx

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0001 Haven Falls Horror Fixx_NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD01:29:530.00/N/A24/0
0002 Haven Falls Horror Fixx_SANTA vs MARTIANS01:29:480.00/N/A18/0
0003 Haven Falls Horror Fixx_FREAKS01:27:070.00/N/A21/0
0004 Haven Falls Horror Fixx_HAXAN01:29:550.00/N/A20/0
0005 Haven Falls Horror Fixx_BUCKET OF BLOOD01:28:500.00/N/A16/0
0006 Haven Falls Horror Fixx_Plan 9 from Outer Space01:29:560.00/N/A18/0
0007 Haven Falls Horror Fixx_NOSFERATU01:29:470.00/N/A18/0
0008 Haven Falls Halloween Special 201701:59:430.00/N/A4/0

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