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Our busy lives often take a toll on our mental health. Stress, anxiety and depression are everyday occurrences for many Americans.

Dr. Michael A. Gray has been practicing in the mental health field for over 16 years, with both a Masters Degree and Doctorate in Psychological Counseling.

Now Dr. Gray brings his experience to television to help viewers deal with common issues that take a toll on their mental well being. Dealing with topics ranging from stress and anxiety to depression, helping loved ones with addiction, this program provides tools and tips that can help viewers manage their stressful lives, and attain good mental health. The program is provided free of charge to public, educational and government stations across the country through

Two episodes are currently available; An Introduction and Dealing with Stress, with more episodes coming monthly.

Dr Michael A. Gray is also the author of A Dual Diagnosis Treatment Approach to Mental Health and Substance Use Issues. He is also the author of A Dual Diagnosis Treatment Approach to Mental Health and Substance Use Issues.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: West Virginia

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Growth Media Services

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Episode 10: How Did I Get Where I Am? Part 200:27:590.99/N/A1/0
Episode 1: Introduction00:25:260.99/N/A17/0
Episode 2: Dealing with Stress00:25:430.99/N/A24/0
Episode 3: Helping A Loved One Who Is an Addict00:28:050.99/N/A17/0
Episode 4: Coping Skills and Problem Solving00:26:240.99/N/A10/0
Episode 5: Fitness and Mental Health00:25:190.99/N/A8/0
Episode 6: Foods for Weight Loss and Wellness00:25:590.99/N/A6/0
Episode 7: Schedule and Sleep 00:24:160.99/N/A7/0
Episode 8: Spirituality00:23:540.99/N/A5/0
Episode 9: How did I get where I am? Part 100:29:320.99/N/A2/0

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