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Disc Golf Live is a magazine-style program covering all aspects of the popular sport of "frisbee" or disc golf.

Topics include tournament coverage, player profiles, course tours, throwing techniques, even the occasional music video. DGL mixes in-house produced segments with pieces submitted by disc golfers across the country, bringing the full scope of this lifetime sport to viewers.

As a low-cost and environmentally friendly alternative to its more famous cousin, disc golf is popular with the younger crowd as well as older folks looking for a great way to enjoy some leisure time outdoors.

** If funding issues prevent your station from downloading DGL we'd be happy to mail DVDs to your station. Drop us a note. **

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Disc Golf Live is one of the unique programs operating in the PEG sphere. To start, disc golf is a great spin on a traditional game, with a broad player base across the country, a great opportunity to focus on a healthy, green alternative, certain to provoke a few folks to get out and get some exercise. DGL is a unique format in that we produce our own material and include viewer-submitted segments as well.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Michigan

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 60 days

Show Producer: Joe Wander / producer

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0076 DGL HIGH DEFINITION Czech out Kansas00:58:590.997
0076 DGL STANDARD DEFINITION Czech out Kansas00:58:590.9910
FAIRLY RECENT 0067 DGL HIGH DEF VERSION Spinning Hay into Gold00:58:290.9919
FAIRLY RECENT 0067 DGL Spinning Hay into Gold Standard Definition00:58:290.9920
FAIRLY RECENT 0068 DGL Green Mountain Matters STANDARD DEFINITION00:57:590.9919
FAIRLY RECENT 0068 DGL HIGH DEFINITION Green Mountain Matters00:58:000.9916
FAIRLY RECENT 0069 DGL HIGH DEFINITION Rocky Mountain Daisy Chains00:58:290.9915
FAIRLY RECENT 0069 DGL STANDARD DEFINITION Rocky Mountain Daisy Chains00:58:290.9922
Fairly Recent 0070 DGL HIGH DEFINITION Shark Tooth Approach00:57:590.9913
Fairly Recent 0070 DGL STANDARD DEFINITION Shark Tooth Approach00:57:590.9919
FAIRLY RECENT 0071 DGL HIGH DEFINITION Field of Dream Shots 00:58:590.9913
FAIRLY RECENT 0071 DGL STANDARD DEFINITION Field of Dream Shots00:58:590.9915
FAIRLY RECENT 0072 DGL HIGH DEFINITION Better Late Than Never00:58:590.998
FAIRLY RECENT 0072 DGL STANDARD DEFINITION Better Late Than Never00:58:590.9913
Fairly Recent 0073 DGL HIGH DEFINITION Over and Under00:57:590.9912
Fairly Recent 0073 DGL STANDARD DEFINITION Over and Under00:57:590.9912
FAIRLY RECENT 0074 DGL HIGH DEFINITION Throwing Friends00:58:590.999
FAIRLY RECENT 0074 DGL STANDARD DEFINITION Throwing Friends00:58:590.999
Fairly Recent 0075 DGL HIGH DEFINITION New and Old00:56:290.9911
Fairly Recent 0075 DGL STANDARD DEFINITION New and Old00:56:290.998
OLDER EPISODE 0050 DGL Minors and Masters.mpg00:59:590.9971
OLDER EPISODE 0051 DGL Charlotte's Old Men.mpg00:59:590.9959
OLDER EPISODE 0052 DGL Ladies Day Out00:59:590.9956
OLDER EPISODE 0053 DGL Return of the Champ00:59:590.9947
OLDER EPISODE 0054 DGL Beauty and McBeast00:59:590.9946
OLDER EPISODE 0055 DGL Time Flies00:59:590.9935
Older Episode 0056 DGL Grin and Barrett00:59:590.9942
Older Episode 0057 DGL Raley or Not00:59:590.9935
Older episode 0058 DGL Birdie Barry00:59:590.9937
Older Episode 0059 DGL Ladies of Lemon Lake00:59:590.9931
Older Episode 0060 DGL McBeast of Burden00:59:590.9931
Older Episode 0061 DGL Ladies of the Links00:59:590.9923
OLDER EPISODE 0062 DGL Mamas Masters Mini00:59:590.9928
OLDER EPISODE 0063 DGL Around the World00:59:590.9927
Older Episode 0064 Down South Central00:58:290.9923
Older Episode 0065 Shady Oakn Basket00:57:590.9927
OLDER EPISODE 0066 Guardians of the World DGL00:58:290.9925
OUTDATED EPISODE 0025 DGL A Look Back II.mpg00:59:590.99116
OUTDATED EPISODE 0026 DGL Road to Rock Hill.mpg00:59:590.99106
OUTDATED EPISODE 0027 DGL North and South.mpg00:59:590.9985
OUTDATED EPISODE 0028 DGL Memorial Masters.mpg00:59:590.9982
OUTDATED EPISODE 0029 DGL Childs Play.mpg00:59:590.1487
OUTDATED EPISODE 0030 DGL United States Championship.mpg00:59:590.9989
OUTDATED EPISODE 0031 DGL Deja View.mpg00:59:590.9962
OUTDATED EPISODE 0032 DGL Way back Machine.mpg00:59:590.9963
OUTDATED EPISODE 0033 DGL Clubbing.mpg00:59:590.9953
OUTDATED EPISODE 0034 DGL Dial M for Disc Golf.mpg00:59:590.9956
OUTDATED EPISODE 0035 DGL Birdie Festival.mpg00:59:590.9951
OUTDATED EPISODE 0036 DGL Winthrop Gold.mpg00:59:590.9939
OUTDATED EPISODE 0038 DGL Gold Flinger.mpg00:59:590.9937
OUTDATED EPISODE 0039 DGL Best of Europe.mpg00:59:590.9938
OUTDATED EPISODE 00395 DGL Thirty Minute Special.mpg00:29:590.8335
OUTDATED EPISODE 0040 DGL Its a Wrap.mpg00:59:590.9934
OUTDATED EPISODE 0041 DGL Parking Break Required.mpg00:59:590.9939
OUTDATED EPISODE 0042 DGL Somebody Has to Win.mpg00:59:590.9935
OUTDATED EPISODE 0043 DGL Top Flight Tips.mpg00:59:590.9944
OUTDATED EPISODE 0045 DGL Disc Girls Gone Wild.mpg00:59:590.9936
OUTDATED EPISODE 0046 DGL Renegade Amateurs.mpg00:59:590.9938
OUTDATED EPISODE 0047 DGL Disc Girls Double Up.mpg00:59:590.9947
OUTDATED EPISODE 0048 DGL Alternate Formats.mpg00:59:590.9950
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