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8 Millions US school children are placed on psychiatric drugs with documented side effects of suicide and/or violence, addiction and much more yet parents are generally not warned. In order to help educate parents on the very real and documented risks, we have created several Hollywood-quality documentaries and public service announcements as part of our fight for children's rights; and so that parents are given enough information to make educated informed decisions before it's too late.

Since many of our films were too long for cable tv, the highly acclaimed documentary, Marketing of Madness, Are we all insane? has now been broken down into six 1/2 hour phenomenal episodes that run independently of each other.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Making a Killing: The Untold Story Psychotropic Drugging is lengthy, but fully exposes our unethical and often illegal marketing practices of psychiatric drugs.

All six Marketing of Madness episodes are very eye-opening, but please consider Part 5 - Mental Health Screening Exposed as Drug Marketing to Children, Moms and US Soldiers as these screening tests are a major pharmaceutical marketing tool used in public schools to reel in children to the mental health system. The film also exposes how these subjective questionnaires are designed to make people feel that their behavior may need medication.

Hidden Enemy is an amazing documentary on the heavy psychiatric drugging of our military and other military around the world and how drugging 16% of our soldiers with antidepressants has led to an epidemic of suicides.

Psychiatry's Prescription for Violence can be used as filler. Full data on Citizens Commission on Human Rights New England and its activities can be found at:

The DEAD WRONG docu-drama is designed to keep parents from allowing their children to be drugged by showing the harm that often follows the drugging.

The DSM-Psychiatry's Deadliest Scam, exposes the frivilous, unscientific underpin of the psychiatric drugging industry, their diagnoses.

Age of Fear (Psychiatry's Leading Role in the Holocaust and Beyond) includes the 2010 apology from the president of the German Association of Psychiatrists for their role in the Holocaust after decades of denial. The first victims of the Holocaust were child mental "defectives", then... Due to violence, it should ideally be shown after 10PM.

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0001 Making a Killing - The Untold Story.mpg01:34:200.0072
0002 Making A Killing Chapters 1-300:28:530.0014
0003 Making A Killing- Side Effects00:26:000.0011
Age Of Fear (Psychiatry's Leading Role in the Holocaust and Beyond)01:48:010.0014
Dead Wrong 1/2 Hour Version, how psychiatric drugs can kill your child00:28:180.002
Dead Wrong: How psychiatric drugs can kill your child.mpg01:27:340.0033
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual - Psychiatrys Deadliest Scam.mpg01:18:120.0016
Hidden Enemy: Psychiatry's Infiltration of the Military01:46:150.0011
Hidden Enemy: Psychiatry's Infiltration of the Military, Part 100:28:350.0010
Hidden Enemy: Psychiatry's Infiltration of the Military, Part 200:28:350.008
Hidden Enemy: Psychiatry's Infiltration of the Military, Part 300:28:350.007
Hidden Enemy: Psychiatry's Infiltration of the Military, Part 400:28:350.007
Marketing of Madness Part 1 - History of Psychiatric Drug Marketing.mpg00:28:170.0053
Marketing of Madness Part 2 - Marketing of Disease for Profit.mpg00:28:230.0048
Marketing of Madness Part 3 - Side Effects and Clinical Trial Fraud.mpg00:28:210.0045
Marketing of Madness Part 4 - Psychiatric Drug Marketing Campaigns to Doctors and YOU.mpg00:28:240.0043
Marketing of Madness Part 5 - Mental Health Screening Exposed as Drug Marketing to Children, Moms and US Soldiers.mpg00:28:230.0043
Marketing of Madness Part 6 - Life-Numbing and Deadly Side Effects, Dependence and Alternatives.mpg00:27:570.0039
PSA-CCHR-Bottom Line00:02:030.003
PSA-CCHR-Home Visit.mpg00:00:340.0024
PSA-CCHR-Kids Refusing Their Psychiatric Labels-Inspirational00:00:590.009
PSA-CCHR-Office Visit.mpg00:00:480.0021
PSA-CCHR-Psychiatric Abuse30sec00:00:320.002
PSA-Hidden Enemy Navy Seal Mikal's story00:00:340.004
PSA-Hidden Enemy Soldier Daniel's Story00:00:340.004
Psychiatry's Prescription for Violence.mpg00:11:210.0023
Trailer-Hidden Enemy Psychiatric Drugging of Military00:01:050.004

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