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Retro Theater is a venue for broadcasting old Public domain movies of the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. All movies are selected with an eye towards viewer interest, Most contain well know names like Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden, James Cagney, Jane Russell and Roy Rodgers and many others. The movies range from Suspense to Comedy and Musical’s to Drama. There is movie of interest for every viewer in any given target audience.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Wonderboy Video Productions

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101-Retro Movie Theater - Suddenly Frank Sintra and Sterling Hayden01:16:540.9939
102-Retro Movie Theater - State Department File 649 with William Lundigan01:26:510.9931
103-Retro Movie Theater - Cause for Alarm with Loretta Young01:14:520.9929
104-Retro Movie Theater - Million Dollar Kid with Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall01:05:050.9926
105-Retro Movie Theater - Tarzan The Fearless with Buster Crabbe01:27:020.9927
106-Retro Movie Theater - Billy the Kid Returns with Roy Rodgers00:54:260.9029
107-Retro Movie Theater - Topper Returns with Dennis OKeefe01:29:250.9926
108-Retro Movie Theater - Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women01:20:090.9930
109-Retro Movie Theater - King Solomons Mines with Paul Robeson01:21:210.9929
110-Retro Movie Theater - The Outlaw Starring Jane Russell01:56:480.9932
111-Retro Movie Theater - Calvacade of the West with Hoot Gibson01:01:190.9914
112-Retro Movie Theater - It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time01:30:200.9911
113-Retro Movie Theater - Queen of the Amazons Starring Robert Lowery01:01:020.9912
114-Retro Movie Theater - The Most Dangerous Game With Joel McCrea01:03:260.9916
115-Retro Movie Theater - Snow Creature with Paul Langton01:11:320.9913
116-Retro Movie Theater The Inner Sanctum with Charles Russel 00:58:240.9712
117-Retro Movie Theater - The Flying Deuces with Laurel and Hardy01:09:020.9913
118-Retro Movie Theater - Strange Illusion with James Lydon 01:26:220.9914
119-Retro Movie Theater - Dressed to Kill with Basil Rathbone 01:12:220.9915
120-Retro Movie Theater - D.O.A. with Edmund OBrian00:05:450.0911
121-Retro Movie Theater - The Great Guy starring James Cagney01:07:000.9914
122-Retro Movie Theater - War of the Wildcats Starring John Wayne01:38:340.9915
123-Retro Movie Theater - Killers From Space Peter Graves Barbara Bestar01:11:450.9911
124-Retro Movie Theater - He Walked by Night with Richard Basehart 01:19:420.9911
125-Retro Movie Theater - A Man Betrayed with John Wayne Frances Dee00:53:360.8912
126-Retro Movie Theater - Detour Starring Tom Neal and Ann Savage01:08:280.9910
127-Retro Movie Theater - Port of New York with Yul Brenner Lyn Carter01:21:400.9915
128-Retro Movie Theater - St louis Bank Robbery - Steve McQueen01:29:360.9912
129-Retro Movie Theater - The Big Show with Gene Autry00:53:480.8913
130-Retro Movie Theater - The Green Glove with Glen Ford01:29:380.9913
131-Retro Movie Theater - The Second Woman with Robert Young 01:31:120.9910
132-Retro Movie Theater - The Limping Man with Lloyd Bridges01:16:310.999
133-Retro Movie Theater - The Sun Sets at Dawn with Walter Reed 01:12:080.996
134-Retro Movie Theater - They Made Me a Criminal with Claude Rains01:32:020.999
135-Retro Movie Theater - Whistle Stop with George Raft Ann Sheridan01:25:060.9910
136-Retro Movie Theater - Till the Clouds Roll By with Frank Sinatra 02:15:470.9913
137-Retro Movie Theater - X Marks the Starring Spot Damin OFlynn00:53:290.898
138-Retro Movie Theater - Mr Robison Crusoe01:11:210.9910
139-Retro Movie Theater - Hercules and the Captive Women with Fay Spain01:34:590.9910
140-Retro Movie Theater - Dominique is Dead with Cliff Robertson 01:06:530.998
141-Retro Movie Theater - Fog Island with Lionel Atwell and Jean Simmons01:09:260.998
142 - Retro Movie Theater - Jungle Book starring SABU01:45:440.9915
143-Retro Movie Theater- Manhattan Tower with Mary Brian and Irene Rich01:06:390.998
144-Retro Movie Theater - Money Madness with Hugh Beaumont01:13:420.9910
145-Retro Movie Theater - Hitler--Dead or Alive Ward Bond Dorothy Tree01:11:250.997
147-Retro Movie Theater - Our Daily Bread with Karen Morley Tom Keene01:14:360.996
148-Retro Movie Theater - Three Came Home Starring Patric Knoles01:41:050.9911
149-Retro Movie Theater - Thunder in the City with Edward G. Robinson01:27:580.9910

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