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Intuition Nutrition – the show that feeds your mind, body, and spirit.

Host Jennifer Hill has always been drawn to help, teach, and guide people. As a Teacher from way back, it is innate in her to reach out and help others. A few years ago Jenn went through some huge changes in my life, and survived & thrived through it all – thanks to a passion for wellness. She improved her quality of life through daily choices about food, activity, self-care, and having a positive attitude.

Naturally, since Jenn never stays idle for too long, she decided to go to the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and become a Certified Holistic Health Coach. It was an amazing program! Through IIN, She became proficient in many dietary theories, and learned most importantly that there is no one-way to eat or live. Each of us is a complicated, beautiful individual with unique needs and preferences. We need to learn to be in touch with ourselves, and eat & live according to our bio-individuality.

The more Jenn learned, the more she wanted to Help! More! People! During a brainstorm session with her beautiful friend (and talented Spiritual Leader), Stacy Lynn, the idea for Intuition Nutrition was born. After some revising, the show that you watch today came to life. AND SHE HAVE SO MUCH FUN! In each episode, Jenn makes yummy, healthy food, mostly by using intuitive skills in the kitchen. Then eats it with her guest and chats about fascinating holistic and creative practices. And together they try some weird stuff on camera. Sometimes we do a little yoga, or easy stretching, or even some breathing exercises. They laugh, they cry, they eat and bond. We believe that what Jenn does on Intuition

Nutrition can be boiled down to this: Follow your gut ~ feed your soul.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: New Hampshire

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 60 days

Show Producer: Portsmouth Public Media

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