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Potluck is the anything and everything talk and entertainment TV talk show. Potluck features interviews with interesting people from all walks of life in the DC Metropolitan area, and maybe beyond. Laura Hartman is Potluck co-producer and host.

Potluck airs on Fairfax Public Access, Channel 10, in Fairfax on Cox cable, and in Loudoun, Arlington, Prince William, and Stafford counties on Verizon FIOS in Virginia. Potluck shows can also be viewed on the Internet which can be accessed from the Potluck website:

Notes to Stations About This Show:

I would appreciate knowing if any other public access stations start airing the Potluck show! Thanks and you can email me at Thanks again!

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Virginia

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Fairfax Public Access

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0001 Potluck Brian Mac Ian.mpg00:26:210.5517
0002 Potluck Tehreema Mitha Dance Company.mpg00:25:410.549
0003 Potluck Volunteering ECHO.mpg00:27:450.349
0004 Potluck Artstream Patti Woolsey.mpg00:25:230.318
0005 Potluck Actors Center.mpg00:21:400.268
0006 Potluck Integral Arts.mpg00:28:230.604
0007 Potluck Nutricia Consulting.mpg00:27:430.345
0008 Potluck WIFV.mpg00:27:260.344
0009 Potluck kapak Direct Talent.mpg00:27:210.584
0010 Potluck Momentum Dance Theatre.mpg00:27:140.575
0011 Potluck Celebrations.mpg00:28:100.594
0012 Potluck Ganymede.mpg00:27:590.344
0013 Potluck Bill Garney.mpg00:26:430.564
0014 Potluck Bill Garney II.mpg00:28:010.344
0015 Potluck Natya Bharati.mpg00:28:220.594
0016 Potluck B Stanley.mpg00:29:340.624
0017 Potluck Extras.mpg00:28:000.595
0018 Potluck Brian Dragonuk.mpg00:27:450.584
0019 Potluck Art Therapy.mpg00:27:240.586
0020 Potluck Maralyn Novak and John Hanshaw.mpg00:28:220.356
0021 Potluck Nora Bauer and Omar Bah.mpg00:26:360.565
0022 Potluck American Century Theater.mpg00:27:420.586
0023 Potluck June Daguiso.mpg00:27:470.584
0024 POTLUCK Mario Salvador Jr.mpg00:28:240.605
0025 POTLUCK BOBBY MOSELEY.mpg00:28:170.604
0027 POTLUCK BIZZLE BOY.mpg00:27:170.573
0028 POTLUCK ALLIANCE FRANCAISE.mpg00:27:110.573
0029 POTLUCK FELLOWSHIP.mpg00:25:470.543
0030 POTLUCK JACK MARSHALL.mpg00:28:100.594
0031 POTLUCK BIZZLE BOY LIVE.mpg00:26:000.554
0032 POTLUCK JOHN SPITZER.mpg00:28:000.594
0033 POTLUCK WMIFF.mpg00:26:530.573
0034 POTLUCK KIM CURTIS.mpg00:28:200.603
0035 POTLUCK HOLIDAY 2009.mpg00:28:280.492
0036 PROFILES BUFF HUNTLEY.mpg00:28:420.493
0039 POTLUCK 2010 CENSUS.mpg00:27:470.474
0040 POTLUCK HISTORIC STROLLS.mpg00:28:200.482
0041 POTLUCK JFREI MORTGAGE.mpg00:27:220.473
0042 POTLUCK SENIOR ACTORS.mpg00:28:080.483
0043 POTLUCK CENSUS 2010-2.mpg00:27:590.482
0044 POTLUCK Faction of Fools.mpg00:28:570.492
0045 POTLUCK CC CLASS.mpg00:28:380.492
0047 POTLUCK LEONARD GREENBERG.mpg00:27:410.472
0049 POTLUCK WMIFF PT 1.mpg00:27:570.482
005 POTLUCK ELDEN ST PLAYERS.mpg00:27:130.861
0050 POTLUCK WMIFF PT 2.mpg00:27:590.482
0051 POTLUCK MARTINA EVANS.mpg00:27:300.471
0052 POTLUCK LETRICIA HENDRIX.mpg00:27:580.480
0053 POTLUCK BARRA KAHN.mpg00:27:190.470
0054 POTLUCK ALEX DE COLON.mpg00:27:350.470
0055 POTLUCK SPECIAL WMIFF PT I.mpg00:57:580.990
0056 POTLUCK DR TRAN KHUU.mpg00:26:000.440
0057 POTLUCK COMPASS CAREER.mpg00:27:520.481
0058 POTLUCK WMIFF PT 2.mpg00:58:580.990
0059 POTLUCK HOLIDAY 2010.mpg00:28:240.490
0060 POTLUCK LELAND STEIGS.mpg00:28:480.490
0061 POTLUCK JUNE DAGUISO.mpg00:28:000.590
0062 POTLUCK CONNIE LAMOTHE.mpg00:28:110.890
0063 POTLUCK PATRICK COFFEY.mpg00:27:560.480
0064 POTLUCK OSCAR HAWKINS.mpg00:28:000.591
0065 POTLUCK JASON BAUSTIN.mpg00:27:590.590
0066 POTLUCK DANIELLE KEITH.mpg00:28:510.910
0067 POTLUCK PATRICK COFFEY II.mpg00:27:590.590
0068 POTLUCK JUNE DAGUISO.mpg00:27:580.890
0069 POTLUCK MICHAEL MERINO.mpg00:28:100.890
0070 POTLUCK DIONNE AUDAIN.mpg00:28:160.900
0071 POTLUCK SCOTT MATHIAS.mpg00:28:180.900
0072 POTLUCK EDWARD COLON.mpg00:28:130.890
0073 POTLUCK JOHN JOHNSON.mpg00:28:080.890
0076 POTLUCK DERRICK N ASHONG.mpg00:27:460.982
0079 POTLUCK BILLY T WILDE00:28:320.472
0086 POTLUCK NISHA.mpg00:28:330.511
0090 Holidays 2012 Pt II00:28:070.491
0103 Holiday 2013 Pt I 00:28:000.542
0108 MetroSongs Orchestra00:27:590.543
0109 StarFKRadium00:27:590.540
0111 Jonny Grave & Terry Boes00:28:000.522
Bill Grella Food Critic00:28:000.490
Holiday 2015 Dance Segment00:28:060.470

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