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I started doing Maine Social Justice shows a short while after the start of the war in Iraq. I had seen a deterioration of compassion for a while and not only against people abroad, but here in this country, as well. The poor were getting poorer, etc. and more and more people were losing health care benefits. More and more jobs were paying less than living wages while our better-paying jobs were going to sweatshops in other countries. I noticed that the major networks seemed no longer interested in the truth, but rather in following the beat of the corporate drummer. With the advent of the digital age and access television, I realized that we, the people, could once again have a voice.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

I am amazed at the lattitude which local access stations allow programming. This is truly a tribute to the old-fashioned value of real democracy. With access TV, Democracy is not just a word thrown around on Memorial Day, but a way of life for 365 days a year.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: New England (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Maine

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: Maine Social Justice

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0100 MSJ Solar Hot Water Workshop.mpg00:34:250.0024
0101 MSJ Mars Hill Wind Project Tour.mpg00:38:290.0015
0102 MSJ Recruiters in Maine Schools.mpg00:44:330.007
0103 MSJ Toxic Alert.mpg00:26:220.008
0104 MSJ Women Unlimited and Precision Machining.mpg00:30:010.008
0105 MSJ Dennis Dechaine Trial of Errors.mpg00:55:520.008
0106 MSJ Restorative Justice vs Punishment and Vengance.mpg01:00:030.006
0107 MSJ Converting Bath Ironworks to Peaceful Use.mpg00:48:220.006
0108 MSJ MPBN Town Meeting on Programming Choices.mpg00:44:590.007
0110 MSJ News Literacy in the Digital Age.mpg01:00:030.007
0111 MSJ Media in War and Independent Journalism.mpg00:58:480.009
0112 MSJ Premiere of film Neighbor by Neighbor.mpg00:22:140.005
0113 MSJ Health Care and Workers Rights.mpg00:51:490.005
0114 MSJ Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights.mpg00:55:300.007
0115 MSJ Masons on a Mission.mpg00:46:150.007
0116 MSJ LD 1357 - An Act to Repeal Portions of Real ID.mpg00:50:150.005
0118 MSJ Alternative Careers to the Military.mpg00:47:420.005
0119 MSJ Arts in the Park Waterville.mpg00:30:010.006
0120 MSJ Peace Products vs WMD at Bath Iron Works.mpg00:38:520.003
0121 MSJ Torture in Somerset County Jail.mpg00:55:130.005
0122 Rethinking Afghanistan.mpg00:52:000.003
0123 MSJ Struggle for Justice in the Americas.mpg00:59:450.005
0124 MSJ Soldier's Story of D-Day and Korea and back to Indian Island.mpg00:47:320.007
0124 MSJ Wabanaki Spirituality.mpg00:51:330.008
0125 MSJ TORTURE How Good Doctors Do Bad Things.mpg00:56:260.006
0126 MSJ How to Win the War in Afghanistan.mpg00:51:320.005
0127 MSJ Woodsmoke In Our Eyes and In Our Lungs.mpg00:55:240.008
0128 MSJ Human Rights Both Here and There.mpg00:33:320.007
0129 MSJ Maine Fair Trade and Toy Testing for Toxins.mpg00:29:430.006
0130 MSJ Maine Stand for Gaza.mpg00:58:150.006
0131 MSJ Two Reports From Gaza.mpg00:40:020.003
0132 MSJ LD1611 Losing Your Mind in Solitary.mpg00:59:590.003
0133 MSJ LD1611 Public Hearing.mpg00:56:130.002
0134 MSJ Life in Hell - Journalists Account of Life in Gaza.mpg00:56:550.004
0135 MSJ Angela Davis on Abolition of Prisions.mpg00:55:350.007
0136 MSJ Visionary Draw-a-thon and Poetry Reading.mpg00:44:360.003
0137 MSJ Practicing Nonviolence in Our Daily Lives and in the World.mpg00:45:190.004
0138 MSJ Medical Marijuana in Maine and LD 1811.mpg00:52:300.009
0139 MSJ Cell Phones and Cancer.mpg00:52:170.005
0140 MSJ 16th Annual HOPE Festival. Featuring Emma's Revolution.mpg00:59:490.003
0141 MSF Pax Christi - HOME.mpg00:42:530.003
0142 MSJ Maine School Use of Indian Nicknames and Mascots.mpg00:59:510.007
0143 MSJ Effect of Wars on Local Budgets.mpg00:56:050.003
0144 Maine Photographer Witnesses the Israeli Raid on Humanity.mpg00:45:030.002
0145 MSJ Open Studio - Central Maine Artists in Homes and Studios.mpg00:47:420.007
0146 MSJ Lifting the Fog of War - 25 Years of Working for Peace.mpg01:00:000.003
0147 MSJ If The World Were a Village and Locally Grown and Produced Food Double Header.mpg00:37:360.009
0148 MSJ The Clean Drinking Water Project.mpg00:29:220.006
0149 MSJ Bill of Economic Human Rights in Maine.mpg00:57:430.003
0150 MSJ Walk for Peace in Maine.mpg00:32:110.004
0151 MSJ Crimal Justice - Hall of Shame.mpg00:55:290.003
0153 MSJ Jim Douglas on JFK and the Unspeakable.mpg01:00:030.004
0154 Beyond Capitalism - New Economies for Maine.mpg00:56:280.006
0155 MSJ Freedom of Expression.mpg00:56:200.003
0156 MSF Public vs Private Prisons.mpg00:59:250.004
0157 MSJ LD 1014 Children's Wireless Protection Act.mpg00:55:530.003
0158 MSJ Jim Merkel on Military-Industrial Complex vs Finite Earth.mpg00:51:320.003
0159 MSJ Bring Our War Dollars Home and Return Our Mural.mpg00:59:530.003
0160 MSJ Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Products and Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives.mpg00:58:230.004
0161 MSJ Tidal Power Plan for Downeast Maine.mpg00:55:530.005
0162 MSJ Blue Angels Are NOT Angels.mpg00:39:230.002
0163 MSJ First Maine Grassroots Social Media Conference.mpg00:42:340.002
0164 MSF First Maine Grassroots Social Media Conference Part 2.mpg00:51:300.001
0165 MSF First Maine Grassroots Social Media Conference Part 3.mpg00:36:320.002
0166 MSJ Indigenous Peoples Day at UMA.mpg00:47:180.005
0167 MSF First Maine Grassroots Social Media Conference Part 4.mpg00:38:220.002
0168 MSJ GAIA 101 (Abrupt Climate Change) Pt 1 of 2.mpg00:50:230.005
0169 MSJ GAIA 101 (Abrupt Climate Change) Pt 2 of 2.mpg00:57:280.004
0170 MSJ Telling the Truth in Media Part 5.mpg00:32:010.003
0171 MSJ Surviving Climate Change Through Local Agriculture and Time Bank Labor.mpg00:47:420.005
0172 MSJ Two Stories of Disparity.mpg00:54:500.005
0173 MSJ 1887 Play About Labor Strike.mpg00:43:490.002
0174 MSJ Bring A Just Budget To Maine.mpg00:41:140.004
0175 MSJ Ecumenical Advocacy Days.mpg00:59:440.003
0176 MSJ Bill McKibben at 18th Annual HOPE Festival.mpg01:00:040.006
0177 MSJ Walk to End the War on the Poor.mpg00:57:530.007
0178 MSJ Permaculture at Burdock Festival with David Homa.mpg00:47:350.003
0179 MSJ Pax Christi and Catholic Worker House on Respect for All Life.mpg00:28:160.004
0180 MSJ BPA Hearing in Augusta - Science of BPA.mpg00:58:280.003
0181 MSJ Child Protection Services - Appropriate or Not.mpg00:32:390.004
0182 MSJ Resisting the Culture of Violence with Consistent Ethic of Life.mpg00:57:070.004
0183 MSJ Finding the Moral Compass at Colby College.mpg00:10:380.005
0184 MSJ Feminist Values - Abundance or Scarcity00:52:020.004
0185 MSJ Wood Smoke Follow Up00:26:220.004
0186 MSJ LD236 Hearing Bill to Protect Privacy of Citizens from Drones00:47:010.003
0187 MSJ Jeju Island in the Cross Hairs of War00:44:510.004
0188 MSJ Getting Your Garden Going00:35:070.008
0189 MSJ Pax Christi USA - Maine Gathering00:47:540.003
0190 MSJ The Truth About Korea00:47:290.004
0190 MSJ Thrift Shop with a Cause00:24:480.005
0191 MSJ Tar Sands Forum plus Jeju Island Update00:51:180.004
0192 MSJ Energy Expo00:42:500.004
0193 MSJ The American Constitution with Margy and Jack Flynn00:55:380.006
0194 MSJ Skowhegan Farmers Market00:44:280.003
0195 MSJ Rep. Michaud Staff Member on Whistleblowing and Drones00:42:400.004
0196 MSJ Genocide in Burma00:42:420.004
0197 MSJ The First Amendment of Our Constitutions Bill of Rights01:00:070.007
0198 MSJ The Maine Drone Peace Walk00:50:340.004
0199 MSJ Reclaiming the Water Commons00:56:530.005
0200 MSJ Is World Peace Possible Part 1 with Paul Chappel00:48:590.004
0201 MSJ Is World Peace Possible Part 2 with Paul Chappel00:52:020.003
0202 MSJ What is Fraud and How Can You Avoid It in Maine00:54:300.006
0203 MSJ The Role of Government and Churches and Nuclear Weapons00:34:430.005
0204 MSJ Lance Tapley on the Maine Prison System00:57:030.004
0205 MSJ Lisa Savage and Bruce Gagnon on Code Pink, Maine00:31:450.004
0206 MSJ Toxic Phthalates in Maine People00:29:480.005
0207 MSJ Creating Vibrant Local Economies in Maine00:47:040.005
0208 MSJ The 2nd and 3rd Amendments of Our Bill of Rights00:56:490.005
0209 MSJ Colby College Elitist and Conversion of BIW to Peace00:29:510.006
0210 MSJ Richard Rhames00:32:300.004
0211 MSJ Sherri Mitchell Indigenous Peoples Rights Part 100:55:330.006
0212 MSJ Sherri Mitchell Indigenous Peoples Rights Part 200:57:550.006
0213 MSJ Two Perspectives on Our Economy00:51:540.005
0214 MSJ Liberate Hawaii00:35:310.005
0215 MSJ Miriam Pemberton on This Issue00:32:370.004
0216 MSJ 4th 5th and 6th Amendments to Constitution00:56:230.006
0217 MSF Bruce Gagnon Interview of Billy Rixon00:32:310.006
0218 MSJ End Violence Together00:43:520.004
0219 MSJ Is Lakewood Theater Haunted00:56:050.004
0220 MSJ Connecting Dots Between War Poverty and Climate Crisis00:34:530.005
0221 MSJ 11th Annual ESTIA Conference00:59:230.003
0222 MSJ Connecting the Dots Between Us and the Environment00:48:130.004
0223 MSJ A New Definition of Architect Jan Wampler MIT00:56:220.005
0224 MSJ A Systems Approach to Community Development with Bernard Amadei00:59:490.004
0225 MSJ Conversation About IsraelPalestine Alice Rothchild00:59:310.004
0226 MSJ Removing Unwanted Spirits00:54:230.004
0227 MSJ Maines Climate and Energy Future Offshore Wind Project00:58:220.004
0228 MSJ An Israeli Soldier Tells The Truth00:43:140.005
0229 MSJ Medical Marijuana in Maine and Moral Budget in Maine00:56:380.004
0230 MSJ Eyewitness to Gaza plus Jesu Island Update00:58:380.003
0231 MSJ Corporate Hands Off Our Communities00:15:490.004
0232 MSJ Green Energy with Kay Mann and Bruce Gagnon00:32:410.007
0233 MSJ LD146 Future Metallic Mining in Maine00:59:180.005
0234 MSJ United States of War Unwanted Navy Base in Korea00:58:030.008
0235 MSJ SAD 54 Listens to Maine Indian Grievance About Mascots01:00:010.005
0236 MSJ Hope Festival 201500:57:350.005
0237 MSJ The GMO Hearings Augusta ME00:59:580.006
0238 MSJ Economic Justice00:33:520.005
0239 MSJ Nuclear Weapons and Ukraine00:30:370.004
0240 MSJ Justice for the River II00:59:330.004
0241 MSJ Occupiers and Occupied00:55:530.005
0242 MSJ Sherri Mitchell on Indigenous Rights00:33:490.004
0243 MSJ 7th and 8th Amendments00:52:160.004
0244 MSJ When We Cry For Justice What Do We Really Mean00:57:590.003
0245 MSJ Gov LePage Tries to Shut Down Government Again00:59:180.003
0246 MSJ History the Military and the Environment00:35:170.004
0247 MSJ Two Columbus Day Rallies in Skowhegan Maine00:46:030.003
0248 MSJ Deep Ecology Part 100:57:550.003
0249 MSJ Deep Ecology Part 200:59:430.003
0250 MSJ Exploring White Privilege and Power Part 100:46:270.003
0251 MSJ Exploring White Privilege and Power Part 200:56:280.003
0252 MSJ Regis Tremblay Filmmaker00:44:540.003
0253 MSJ Bill of Rights 9th and 10th Amendments00:59:480.002
0254 MSJ Impeach LePage Rally00:27:120.004
0255 MSJ Alliance for Common Good01:00:030.004
0256 MSJ Bruce Gagnon interview with Christine DeTroy00:33:220.004
0257 MSJ Open Mic Somerset Abbey Benefit HooSkow Radio00:59:390.005
0258 MSJ Local Power Company Goes Solar00:26:560.005
0259 MSJ Richard Rhames Politics Today and Paul LePage Politics in Madison00:55:500.004
0260 MSJ HOPE Festival 2016 and Repeal of Marijuana Prohibition00:27:150.005
0261 MSJ The Non Violent Life Pax Christi Maine00:38:080.002
0262 MSJ Two Things Corporate Media Doesnt Tell You00:57:240.004
0263 MSJ Bruce Gagnon Lisa Savage RIck and the Rick Oshays00:42:250.002
0264 MSJ When Myth Is Not The Truth Interview Prof Peter Kuznick00:32:080.003
0265 MSJ Christening at BIW USS Michael Monsoor00:42:420.004
0266 MSJ Ranked Choice Voting What is it00:53:310.004
0267 MSJ This Issue with Connie Jenkins00:59:450.002
0268 MSJ Save our State Rally Against Bullies00:39:390.004
0269 MSJ Ranked Choice Voting plus Children in War Zones00:31:220.002
0270 MSJ In the Shadow of the Steel Cross00:54:350.004
0271 MSJ Bruce Gagnon Interviews Phui Yi Kong Bowdoin Student00:33:120.004
0272 MSJ ESTIA 2016 Redesigning Culture00:58:210.004
0273 MSJ Jonnos Place Special Needs with Dignity00:38:020.004
0274 MSJ Dangers of Digital Technology00:33:520.004
0275 MSJ How Corporate Media and Internet Have Been Lying to You00:20:280.005
0276 MSJ Womens March on Maine00:59:530.004
0277 MSJ Maines Largest Solar Farm00:30:070.006
0278 MSJ How you can participate in Maine Social Justice00:38:340.004
0279 MSJ Senator Angus King meets staff at RedingtonFairview Hospital00:53:590.004
0280 MSJ Down to Earth Climate Justice Stories00:59:590.006
0281 MSJ Heart Body and Soul - plus - Navy Sonar and Whales00:51:030.005
0282 MSJ Keeping the Hives Alive00:39:240.004
0283 MSJ Healing the Wounds of Turtle Island00:19:370.004
0284 MSJ Bruce Gagnon Interview Democrat and Republican Failures00:32:110.002
0285 MSJ 11th Annual Kneading Conference00:57:490.000

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