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Local Rock is a local music show produced in Millbury, Massachusetts where bands perform original music as well as cover other artists. We have had tribute bands, cover bands and bands that write and perform all of their own music.

We hope you will give Local Rock a try, we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Millbury Public Access

No Download Charges On This Show: Downloads costs are being covered by the producer of this show and there is currently no charge to you for downloading episodes of this show. Thanks from the PegMedia community to Millbury Public Access for covering this cost.

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3 Swingin' Tenors00:45:450.0036
Beatles 4 Sale00:59:540.0034
Clear Blue00:54:480.0021
Gilmours' Breakfast01:00:230.0024
How Bizare00:58:470.0015
Jacobs Ladder00:59:190.009
Jubilee Gardens00:59:360.0013
L&M Rhythm Kings00:54:120.0020
Petty Larceny Band00:49:060.0014
Road Owls00:58:320.0012
Rose Colored Glasses00:54:040.0018
Seymore Willie00:57:230.0013
Sheez Late00:55:040.009
Southern Cross00:49:480.0022
Teeter Todders00:55:490.0013
Tequila Bonfire00:49:200.0013
The Bands of Jimmy DiAngelo00:57:540.0011
The Lester Rawson Band00:56:110.0012
The Plagairists00:54:340.0017
The Strangers00:59:210.0021
Throwback to the 60s (2015)00:51:380.0013

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Total Downloads For All Episodes: 396