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This Award Winning Series is the Place,

Where Kid's Rule & The Head Fairy Unravels Fairy Tales in Real Time, Rather than Once Upon A Time © Promote Literacy~Festivals~Travel~Expose Bad Guys~It's Balance

Every show highlights how someone or a storybook character has found, reached, release and/or given Fairy Tale Access to another. The quest for happily-ever-after requires asking more questions.


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Fairy Tale Access has produced over a 100 episodes to date and we're excited to share more on the way.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: New Hampshire

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: DMVC Productions - Fairy Tale Access ™©

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00104 FTA The Art of Face Painting00:26:450.5119
00109 FTA Circle The Sun00:29:060.5612
00114 FTA Filing Away At Life's Truths 00:28:590.569
00118 FTA Behind the Mirror00:29:590.579
00120 FTA The Road To Hollywood from Gangs to Screenwriting?00:35:020.676
00121 FTA Asperger World; her Fairy Jam Jar 00:51:450.994
00128 FTA The Yellow Bus Boys00:35:460.692
00129 FTA The Faroloft Chronicles 00:31:540.612
00130 FTA Hoppy Hop! Entry To Imagination00:30:440.593
00131 FTA The Paternus Trilogy 00:29:580.582
00132 FTA The Choices You Make00:19:410.382
00133 FTA Desdemona's Dreams00:29:590.581
00134 FTA Graveside Manor00:27:280.534
00135 FTA Happiness Jungle00:24:490.485
00136 FTA Girls & Robotics = STEM 00:29:140.567
00137 FTA Beauty Talk with Saadia in Pakistan 00:38:570.753
00138 FTA Singing At The Vatican 00:29:400.577
00139 FTA Bridges by EPOCH00:28:510.553
00140 FTA Viridian's TravelLight00:31:490.611
00141 FTA The Pharmacist of Aushwitz The Untold Story00:34:570.673
00142 FTA 20 Cool Facts With Camila 00:14:550.283
00143 FTA - A Glimpse Into Constantine, Algeria00:28:400.553
00144 FTA The Lowell, Massachusetts Film Project00:27:410.531
00145 FTA Weight Loss & Hypnosis00:18:280.352
00146 FTA Arts In Education - A Certain Mindfulness 00:28:000.541
00147 FTA Behind The Mask00:27:470.531
00148 FTA SAMI the Magic Bear00:21:260.411
00149 FTA The Supply Chain Revolution00:27:530.541
00150 FTA Funny Fairy Tales 00:31:180.601
00151 FTA Gerald Posner - Author, Investigative Reporter 00:44:590.870
00152 FTA Regards from Spain00:28:350.550
00153 FTA Tapped Out for College00:25:590.500

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