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Over the years "Media Watch on Hunger and Poverty" has dealt with a wide array of issues:

  • Hunger & conflict in Sudan, in Haiti, in Columbia, in The Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Conflict in Somalia and Ethiopia
  • Problems with AIDS,TB and Malaria, which together account for close to 8 million deaths a year worldwide

We have covered the funding of food stamps for permanent residents, Aid to Infants and Mothers Programs, funding of homeless shelters. We have covered WTO and NAFTA, as well as the upcoming Free Choice Labor bill.

In cooperation with an event called WorldFood Day, we have secured permission to annually rebroadcast in 28 minute segments, a 3 hour telethon that takes place every October 16th, World Food Day. These programs have been hosted lately by Ray Suarex, of the MacNeil-Lehrer Report on PBS.

Some of the guests have included:

  • Frances Moore Lappe - author of Diet for a small Planet
  • Idriss Jassirey - President of the International Fund for Agriculture of the U.N.
  • Barber Conable - former President of the World Bank
  • Jennifer Parmalee of the World Food Programme

Notes to Stations About This Show:

I have been producing shows in the Washington DC area since 1994. To this date I have produced 332 programs. I put up an hour program in 1994 on satellite, via a company called Keystone Communications, which no longer is in business. My program deals with all aspects of hunger and poverty, both foreign and domestic.

Bill Shickler

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