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BONGO BOY ROCK n' ROLL TV Show Series is like watching MTV when it was cool.

It's a music orientated TV series that educates the viewers about upcoming indie artists and their quest to greater success. The show is dedicated to exposing the arts to new and old fans alike by featuring original music videos, Art, Indie Trailers, and history from different cultures with each new show.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: New Jersey

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show Series

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Bongo Boy TV Ep8 - Journey Of Time - Music Videos00:28:290.463
Bongo Boy TV No103100:28:290.4341
Bongo Boy TV No103200:28:300.4537
Bongo Boy TV No103300:28:290.4534
Bongo Boy TV No103400:28:290.4332
Bongo Boy TV No1035 - Indie Music Videos 00:28:290.4336
Bongo Boy TV No1036 Indie Music Videos from Around The World00:28:290.4332
Bongo Boy TV No1039 Indie Music Videos 00:28:290.4333
Bongo Boy TV No1040 - Indie Music Videos - Lucky Seven 00:28:300.4526
Bongo Boy TV No1041- Across Nations We Unite Our Love00:28:290.4626
Bongo Boy TV No1042 So Much Joy Inside 00:28:290.4626
Bongo Boy TV No1046 - We Are All Winners00:28:290.4626
Bongo Boy TV No1047 - Indie Music Videos - Kings and Heroes00:28:290.4627
Bongo Boy TV No1049 - Contest Music Videos 00:28:290.4626
Bongo Boy TV No1051-Black and Purple00:28:290.4622
Bongo Boy TV No1053 - Got Music00:28:300.4616
Bongo Boy TV No1055 - Hopeful 00:28:290.4619
Bongo Boy TV No1057 What About You 00:28:290.4318
Bongo Boy TV No1059 Love Sick 00:28:290.4518
Bongo Boy TV No1060 Going To The 58th Grammys00:28:290.4519
Bongo Boy TV No1061 There Is More Out There00:28:300.4519
Bongo Boy TV No1063 - Never Too Late - Indie Music Videos 00:28:300.4516
Bongo Boy TV No1064 Working Hard For My Music 00:28:300.6820
Bongo Boy TV No1066 - Dance To The Rhythm00:28:300.6818
Bongo Boy TV No1068 - Bring It This Season 00:28:300.6818
Bongo Boy TV No1069 - Ahead Of The Curve00:28:300.6618
Bongo Boy TV No1070 - CONCEPTZ All Work, No Play00:28:300.6615
Bongo Boy TV No1071 -Measured Notes - Indie Music Videos00:28:300.4716
Bongo Boy TV No1073 Come TV With Us - Music Videos 00:28:300.4615
Bongo Boy TV No1074 It’s Our Season For Music Celebration00:28:300.4516
Bongo Boy TV No1076 Music Videos S5:E1076 What I Am00:28:300.4616
Bongo Boy TV No1077 - 7 new Music Videos - Love Tower00:28:300.4617
Bongo Boy TV No1078 - 7 Music Videos Like MTV "Music Is On" 00:28:300.4617
Bongo Boy TV No1079 "Notorious Good" 7 New Music Videos 00:28:300.4614
Bongo Boy TV No1081 - Coming To Terms - 6 New Music Videos 00:28:300.4617
Bongo Boy TV No1082 - Bringing Music - 7 Music Video TV Show00:28:300.4616
Bongo Boy TV No1083 - The Freedom of Music - 7 Music Videos 00:28:300.4618
Bongo Boy TV No1086 Adventure Awaits 6 New Music Videos00:28:300.4616
Bongo Boy TV No1088 "Feel The Music" Music Videos TV Show00:28:300.4617
Bongo Boy TV No1090 - Where We Are We Play 00:28:290.4617
Bongo Boy TV No1091 THERE IS ALWAYS TOMORROW - Music Video TV Show00:28:290.4613
Bongo Boy TV No1093 - Howling Halloween Fall TV Episode 00:28:290.4614
Bongo Boy TV No1095 - Fall All Over It00:28:590.4714
Bongo Boy TV No1097 - We Rock, We Play 00:28:290.4617
Bongo Boy TV Season 6 Ep1 - CHOSEN - Music Video TV Show00:28:290.4613
Bongo Boy TV Season 6 Ep2 - TRANGUILITY - Music Video TV Show00:28:290.9912
Bongo Boy TV Season 6 Ep3- Superpower - Music Video TV Show00:28:290.4311
Bongo Boy TV Season 6 Ep4- Red Love- Music Video TV Show00:28:290.4512
Bongo Boy TV Season 6 Ep5 - The Mystic Hangs Around The Heart00:28:300.5211
Bongo Boy TV Season 6 Ep6 - Good Music In Media - Music Video TV Show00:28:300.5410
Bongo Boy TV Season 6 Ep7 - Music Video Television Show00:28:300.466

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