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Wine tourism is a growing segment of the travel world. San Francisco's north bay, including Napa and Sonoma, is the most visited wine region in great because of the short ride from a city that is itself a major destination. These agricultural regions host millions of international visitors and struggle with maintaining their natural environments. The hosts, Ralph and Lahni De Amicis, are local authors and tour guides. They go behind the scenes into a wide variety of workplaces, discovering what talents and skills are necessary to create a great wine and a great tourism destination. The show features beautiful scenery, unique locations and wonderful stories. Taken together it offers interesting lessons about balancing the natural world and modern society.

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This is a fun, relaxed show, that looks deeply into how people make things work and create a life style they enjoy. But, this is not a wine country confection interviewing wealthy owners who visit their 'wineries' twice a year. The people featured here are the ones that make the wine, host the guests and work daily to create the wine country experience. It makes them easy to relate to and people can see themselves in those roles. This show started in 2012. In 2017 we produced very few new episodes because of the devastating fires in Napa and Sonoma. in 2018 we are finally able to resume making new episode, including numerous fascinating interviews that were delayed because of the smoke and trauma.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

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State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

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0001 The Caves at Soda Canyon00:28:250.73/0.1266/3
0002 Trefethen Winery00:28:290.73/0.1255/3
0003 Viader Vineyards00:28:290.73/0.1253/3
0004 Napa Wine Train00:28:300.73/0.1268/3
0005 The Napa Walking Tour00:28:220.72/0.1256/3
0006 Wine Tasting 101 00:28:300.73/0.1255/3
0007 Visiting Regusci Winery00:28:300.73/N/A49/0
0008 George Webber, HIstorical Actor & Guide00:28:300.73/0.1242/3
0009 The Naked Wine Angels00:28:290.73/0.1243/3
0010 A Wine Makers Education 00:28:290.73/0.1245/3
0011 BioDynamics in Wine Country 00:28:340.73/0.1230/3
0012 Buena Vista Reborn00:28:290.73/0.1228/3
0013 The Buskers of Yountville00:29:050.74/0.1222/3
0014 Stag's Leap Reborn00:28:300.73/0.1226/4
0015 The Napa Film Festival Story00:28:320.73/0.1224/4
0016 Napa Valley Film Festival Volunteers00:28:310.99/0.1219/2
0017 The Decadent Winemakers Calendar 00:27:300.70/N/A29/0
0018 The Napa Winemakers Calendar 00:27:210.70/0.1226/3
0019 Highlights From Wine Country @ Work 201600:28:300.99/0.1218/3
0020 Wine Country and Climate Change 00:28:280.73/0.1218/2
0020 Wine Country and Climate Change 00:28:28N/A/0.120/9
0021 Inside the Tour Business00:28:300.73/0.1213/8
0022 Wine Tasting 20200:28:290.73/0.1210/9
0023 Wine Tour Tips00:28:300.73/0.1210/7
0024 Sonoma Plaza00:28:310.73/0.1211/8

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