Detail For Show: Ask Ralph and Lahni -The Paleo Herbalists

Show Description:

Good health is easy, it's being sick that's rough. Enjoying good health depends on having, and applying honest information about how the body naturally works and what it wants from nature. While being primarily herbalists, Drs. Ralph & Lahni de Amicis also offer insights and solutions related to diet, supplements and environmental health. Their tag team style of teaching is relaxed, fun, practical and informative, reflecting the style of their eight books on the subjects.
Their adoption of the Paleo Diet many years ago has proven a powerful addition to their healing approach, since 90% of health problems (including many psychological issues) begin with fundamental flaws in a person's choice of foods. Filmed in their living room in Napa and complimented by a host of helpful subtitles and graphics, these half hour shows demonstrate that in ten to fifteen minutes daily a person, using herbs and supplements, can dramatically improve their health, if they will just stop damaging their body with the wrong foods the rest of the day. Filmed in California Wine Country, where the only real topics are food, wine and the weather.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Making a subject like health simple is a gift that Drs. Ralph & Lahni have, probably because as herbalists first and Physicians second. They recognize that herbs are food and most health problems start with people making the wrong nutritional choices. They do that not because they want to, but because they simply don't understand what their choices lead to. For over forty years they have sharing this practical information internationally in multiple languages because they believe the world can be a healthier place.

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