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All Aboard

All Aboard (series 1) was produced in the 1990’s by Green Frog Productions of Douglasville Georgia. The half-hour weekly show was produced with the railroad enthusiast in mind and covers railroad operations over the last half of the 20th century across much of The United States.

This series was originally aired on several PBS stations in the US. We are currently working on a new season for this show and will make it available as soon as it is ready.

All Politics is Local

I interview guests who are actively involved in local politics in the Worcester/Norfolk state senate district in Massachusetts, or who are running in state-wide races.

Over the past several months, I’ve had candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, state auditor, state senator and state rep on the show, as well as local folks involved in the casino referendum in Milford, MA and others involved in town politics.

The show is produced at the Milford Community Media Center in Milford, MA by a volunteer crew. My political action committee, the Greater Blackstone Valley Dems, is the member organization behind the show.

All Things Victorian with Victoriana Lady Lisa

What is it with the Victorians that continues to engage our curiosity? Why do so many delight in this endlessly fascinating time in our collective history? Victoriana Lady Lisa takes us on an adventure in history in this award-winning series produced by the Passion Projects, LLC.


2015 - ACM - Hometown Media Awards - 3 categories: Entertainment & Arts (series), Informational Talk Show (single episode - Steampunk w/Bruce Rosenbaum), Instructional/Training (single episode - The Queen's Kitchen/Victorian Baking)

2014 - ACM Northeast - Profile Talk Show (Professional)

Alliance for Democracy - Populist Dialogues

Dialogues of populist perspectives for better local, state, national and global governance that nurtures everyone - people and nature.

Populist Dialogues are powerful voices speaking on critical issues. Each Populist Dialogue shows how we can encourage better governance. Populist Dialogues are intended to inspire people to learn more about these issues, to start conversations, and to take action. AfD - The Alliance For Democracy, ( is bringing populist ideas, ideals and ways to the forefront of public policy. On TV and online, watch Populist Dialogues and incorporate these ideas and ideals into your local, regional, national and global participation.

Along the Blackstone

The cable Television series Along the Blackstone it is a collaborative effort among various nonprofit, local and state organizations, the National Park Service and a host of individuals who contribute their stories to each episode.

The National Park Service Ranger Host leads the viewer through the industrial landscape, capturing the stories, the cultures, the rich natural resources and the heritage of the birthplace of the America’s journey towards industrialization. Along the way, we meet the people of the Valley as they tell their story in their own words.

The story of the mill villages first established here in the Blackstone Valley is a national story of industrialization for the mill village model can be found throughout the country and it is a story that all can relate to. This partnership with the people of the Blackstone Valley is reflected in the stories told and the awards won including 10 regional awards, a 1996 Telly Award, a 1997 Communicator Award of Distinction, the National Association of Interpretation’s 1998 Media Award, a 1999 Communicator Award of Excellence, and the National Park Service Freedom Star Award 2002. The A&E Network:The History Channel selected 21 episodes to air as part of their American History Showcase series.

The added benefit of the television series is that the mission of the National Park Service to “preserve unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the national park system for the enjoyment, education and inspiration of this and future generations” is presented using real life examples that are readily available for all to enjoy. The series showcases partners working together to preserve the rich and diverse heritage found here in the Blackstone Valley, the beginning of America’s Industrial journey, but throughout communities in America.

Alternative Realities

Dr. Sigmund Zoid is trapped in the Interdimensional Time and Space Vortex.

As a genious from earth in the 20th century, he is attempting to develope a device that will get him back to his own time and space. Meanwhile he shows old horror and sci-fi movies with his sidekick "Sluggo"

Most episodes have a theme that run throughout the episode and some episodes play off of each other.

Always There

Michael Wilsker, Vice President of a non-medical in-home elder care agency called Always Best Care For Seniors and resident of Westborough for over 26 years is the host of the " Always There” show. Mr. Wilsker will be interviewing professionals who are involved in helping the elderly and their families deal with the many issues that families face when it comes to caring for an elderly member of the family, and in addition, the specific issues that the senior members of our town face every day.