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A Seafaring Village - The Penobscot Marine Museum

The Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport, Maine, is Maine's oldest maritime museum and is designed to preserve and educate people regarding Maine's and Searsport's rich and unique maritime and shipbuilding history. Designed as a unique 19th century seafaring village, the museum encompasses thirteen historic and modern buildings, houses a modern exhibit gallery features annual shows and is home to a regionally important library and archives focused on maritime history and regional genealogy. Eight of the museum's buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places. Among the collections is a significant photographic archives that includes glass plate negatives documenting life in New England and New York from 1909 and 1947 taken by the Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company. The photographs are being digitized and made available online for research and access. In each episode you will explore one of the eight buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings, visit one of the exhibits, or enjoy one of the many lectures presented at the Penobscot Marine Museum.

A Taste of Theatre

This is the show where playwrights come to showcase one scene of their play for the audience. We interview the playwright or the writer to the play to get the inside story as to how the play comes about. We interview the cast members to get their take on the characters they play.

We also focus on the music from the play (original music only)
We give the playwright the opportunity to tell us what message he or she is trying to convey in the play. Then the actors perform one scene of the play.

A Veterans Story

A Veteran’s Story works to collect the histories of our veterans on video, broadcast them on local cable, and preserve them for future generation. Due to Bob Kaprielian’s initiative, A Veteran’s Story is a decade-long project to collect and preserve the stories of our veterans, including World War II, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, and veterans of the recent conflicts.

Bob Kaprielian is a graduate of the Northeastern University, who was commissioned as a second Lieutenant in the Signal Corps, and went on to flight school at Fort Rucker, Alabama. He received his wings and flew L19s (light observation aircraft) until serving active duty in the reserves for 8 years and was discharged Captain of the US Army.

We’re always looking for more veterans to tell us their stories. Please contact Bob at 617.869.5470. A Veteran’s story, giving voice to those who served our country.

A Walk in the Garden with Liz Davey

"A Walk in the Garden with Liz Davey," is a gardening programming which features host Liz Davey walking around the various gardens on her property educating viewers on a variety of topics such as proper planting procedures, the various types of flowers and herbs and vegetables and when to harvest them, what's currently in and out of season, ideas for crafts in and around the house, and follow-along cooking demonstrations including recipe tips and ideas.

A World of Difference

“A World of Difference” is a 30-minute monthly program that celebrates and supports families rearing children with learning and attention issues. Produced by Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida, the show celebrates and supports families navigating the journey of neurodiversity and each episode provides actionable strategies and salutes “Difference-Makers” — successful and/or famous individuals with LD or advocates.


Our national award-winning TV program created and produced entirely by people with disabilities. Since Ablevision is scripted, shot and hosted by people with disabilities, each episode is itself a work of art! Our mission is to educate and empower our viewers through stories of inspiration and ability. Our crew produces the show from start to finish from scripting the episodes, to operating the camera, to hosting the show. We’ve won a number of national awards including the National Hometown Video Award for Best Access-Able Program and the Rika Welsh Community Impact Award by the Alliance for Community Media. We’re focused on expanding our national audience by building relationships with more public access affiliates.

Access Door County

ADC is "Your Window to Arts and Entertainment." Door County is a favorite vacation spot for the Midwest, and has many art galleries and music events in the summer. We have created interviews with artists of all kinds and recorded concerts and would like to share them with others. Some interviews cover more topics than just the arts -- if it moves, we interview it!

Access Newsroom

The EMMY nominated Access Newsroom is a collaborative effort between the community public access station, channel 29 in San Francisco, CA and its producers and programmers to bring community based, community reported and produced, independent news and interviews from a grassroots viewpoint, unhindered, uncensored and unaltered.

Our mission is to bring the voices and issues of relevance from around the world and let those stories and opinions be heard in a full and forthright manner, giving voice to their own facts without a filter, and unencumbered by anyone or anything.

Rather than talk in 30 second sound bites, we give full expression to our stories as the segments range in length usually from 3 to 7 minutes long and each producer or programmer being responsible for the content and editing of their story.

We like to say we are a Uniquely Alternative Perspective, because in it's truest form, that's just what independent media is, and it is the essence of Access Newsroom.

Although it has a California tone to it, Newsroom deals with events of worldwide importance.