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Wine Country at Work

Wine tourism is a growing segment of the travel world. San Francisco's north bay, including Napa and Sonoma, is the most visited wine region in great because of the short ride from a city that is itself a major destination. These agricultural regions host millions of international visitors and struggle with maintaining their natural environments. The hosts, Ralph and Lahni De Amicis, are local authors and tour guides. They go behind the scenes into a wide variety of workplaces, discovering what talents and skills are necessary to create a great wine and a great tourism destination. The show features beautiful scenery, unique locations and wonderful stories. Taken together it offers interesting lessons about balancing the natural world and modern society.

Wine Inside Out TV

Filmed on-location at some of the Boston area’s best restaurants and venues, Wine Inside Out TV takes a fresh approach to expanding viewer's wine acumen and food pairing know-how. Our goal is to empower both beginners and budding connoisseurs alike to discover, select, and enjoy the wines that best suit their preferred tastes -- because once you find a wine that you like -- it’s a good wine!

Led by Host and Executive Producer Ron Quint, Wine Inside Out TV features top experts from the Boston Sommelier Society who take a multi-sensory approach in evaluating the appearance, aroma, and taste of three delicious wines in a semi-blind tasting. In doing so, our expert tasting panel reveals each wine’s broad attributes, key characteristics, and flavor descriptors, giving our audience a real framework to learn about the world’s wine regions and styles in an unbiased way.

Once all three wines are revealed, our Co-Host and a special guest pair the wines just tasted with some great food prepared by the gracious chefs and locations who host the show. This not only adds to our viewer's tasting adventure, but also gives them confidence when choosing a wine with their next meal.

We also feature "Wine Inside Out and About" episodes to give practical advice on wine-related topics, including features on the Boston Wine Expo, the largest trade and consumer wine event in US.

Most impotantly, we believe everyone should, "embrace their wine life," and, "drink what they like." Thank you and please drink responsibly.

Winter Baseball Clinics

Baseball coaching clinics for youth baseball coaches. Six episodes.

Wintry Water

Snow falls as Oregon's second highest waterfall, Salt Creek Falls, plunges steeply through the wintry landscape of the Cascade Mountains near Willamette Pass.

Woman by Woman - New Hope for the Villages of India

WOMAN by WOMAN: New Hope for the Villages of India documents the story of progressive change for women in some of the least developed villages of India. Vivid images portray the humanity of the people, the beauty of the countryside, as well as the poignant toll of centuries of poverty. In the film we meet women who are coming out of seclusion in order to serve in their communities.

We also meet individuals who support these efforts - a woman who teaches village women to become family planning counselors; a village husband who works side-by-side with his wife, in a culture which is traditionally male-dominated; a mother-in-law who encourages her daughter-in-law to advance in the community rather than seclude herself in the house. (28 min)

Women Who Lead

One-on-one interviews with a wide variety of powerful women who explain their road to the top. Hosted by pastor and former television journalist and manager Dr. Ruth Ollison.

Workers Rights Under Attack in Maine

"Worker Rights Under Attack in Maine" is an hour-long show produced by the Western Maine Labor Council about the pending legislation, The Employee Free Choice Act. It is a one-time show about this legislation and was produced by Matt Beck of the Southern Maine Labor Council in cahoots with Great Falls Community Television and South Portland Community Television.

World Affairs Council of Inland Southern California

"World Affairs Council" Is a series of public lectures on international affairs. The World Affairs Council is a national organization and the Inland council operates under the auspices of Riverside Community College. These lectures are provided free of charge to all students and create valuable enrichment for GATE, AP, And IB students.

WORLD PEACE is a Local Issue

"WORLD PEACE is a Local Issue" opens with these words: "In a democracy, the most important office is that of the private citizen." Justice Louis Brandeis. The film documents how local efforts can impact national issues.

The story begins in 1983 showing actions, worldwide, toward reining in escalation of the nuclear arms race. In a suburban community, 300 people show up, petitioning their City Council to pass a Nuclear Freeze. Their impassioned pleas overcome Council resistance, resulting in a Freeze Resolution! Highlights include statements from Paul Newman, Senator Edward Kennedy and Senator Ed Markey, who introduced the original Freeze Resolution to Congress.

Today, thirty years later, with the nuclear issue still relevant, we watch Markey re-introduce similar legislation: the SANE Act (Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditures).