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Westboroughs Veterans Corner

Veterans Corner is a show featuring news, stories and event listings of interest to Veterans in the Central and Western regions of Massachusetts. Each month, host Brent French will offer content by, for and about Veterans with a focus on the Town of Westborough and its surrounding communities.

What Are You Reading

The Maine Festival of the Book comes to the USM Campus in Portland, Maine every year. In this episode Host, Bill Wood, speaks with Maine Reads Director, Sarah Cecil, the event’s producer. The 2011 literary extravaganza happens April 1st through the 3rd.

What Matters Most Talk Show

What Matters Most started out as a gentle push to inspire others as they viewed our guests life-changing experiences.

The host, interviews amazing people from various backgrounds and helps to promote their cause, while simultaneously inspiring our viewers to “be the change they wish to see in the world”. We delve deep within the lives, beliefs, and experiences that moved our guests to quest for more, become courageous warriors and transform not only their lives, but the lives of others.

Whats Going On

In “What’s Going On?”, KATV Community Producer, Tom D’Ambra discusses his political opinions with studio guest, special video presentations and example documentation. Subject matter includes: political history perspective, state, federal and international banking practice, conspiracy theories, national security, taxes and the IRS and more.

Whats Left

It has been replaced by The Erickson Report, which can be found here:

On the episodes here:
- Episode 0040 is about the history of why Christmas and New Year's are on December 25 and January 1 respectively and so is evergreen for the holiday season.
- Episode 0041 is a special half-hour report on the topic of guns, with recent data that should make it relevant for some time yet.

Whistle Where You Work

Whistle Where You Work is a program which focuses on whistleblowing and free speech issues. The show consists of two segments. First, a round-table discussion about a topic related to free speech, whistleblowing, or civil liberties issues with prominent guests form the Washington, D.C. nonprofit world. The second segment features a one-on-one interview with a prominent whistleblower, detailing their personal struggle to expose the truth. New programs are uploaded, on average, every two weeks.