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Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en

An entertaining and lifestyle show with its tongue planted firmly in its cheek, the "Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en" celebrates all that is fun and kitschy about food, drink and party planning." The show is a comedic parody of cooking and lifestyle shows with a 1950s-60s bent.

Veterans Helping Veterans TV

"Veterans Helping Veterans" TV is produced as a PEG, Public, Education and Government access series. Please visit us online at VHVtv offers a variety of topics of interest to veterans and is produced in the HD studio at the Mid Peninsula Media Center in Palo Alto, CA. Follow us on Twitter @VHVtv.
Our first program filmed in 2017 is about the "Women Veterans Alliance" and the unconferences.
During 2016, we produced 2 VHVtv HD episodes, "Vetsin Tech" and "Veteran Advocates
VHVtv returned to the newly renovated MidPen Media Center HD studio in Palo Alto on April 21, 2015 to film "N Power Bay Area." Featured guests are Janine Cowan, N Power Training Manager at the College of San Mateo and student veterans Katie Rogers and James Roe. The N Power offers a free 12 week IT training course for veterans at the College of San Mateo.

WAVE 2014 winner for best educational series is "What is TBI?" Interview with Dr. Maya V. Yutsis, Ph.D., Neuropsychologist at the Polytrauma Transitional Rehabilitation Program (PTRP) at the VA in Palo Alto, CA explains Traumatic Brain Injury. March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Major physical, cognitive and emotional systems of concussion are presented.

Veterans Helping Veterans TV presents a special 3 part series, "U.S. VETS Interviews." These are powerful and inspirational interviews. There is hope for homeless vets. Formerly homeless vets outreaching to homeless vets to get off the street. These vets tell how they did it. Part 1 introduces Frederick Robinson, Reuben Russell, Mario Loredo and Erica Gomez, the Clinical Director of U.S. VETS, Riverside, are interviewed by Sheryl Shaffer. Filmed April 8 at U.S. Vets, March ARB, CA. The vets tell their stories of how U.S. VETS was able to help them overcome homeless, mental health issues and joblessness. The clinical Director, Erica Gomez, gives an over view of the services available through U.S. VETS. Part 2 features formerly homeless veterans Tomas Montoya, Larry Jordan, Bennie McDaniel, and Garry L. Miller tell us how they overcame barriers like alcohol and drug addiction to become self sufficient. They offer their best advice to other homeless vets. Larry Williams, acting Executive Director of U.S. VETS tells his personal story and how he ended up in his job. These are wonderful stories of struggle and redemption, veterans out reaching to other veterans. There are many problems facing homeless veterans and there are solutions like U.S. VETS. Interviews conducted April 8, 2013 at U.S. VETS, Riverside. Part 3 features interviews with formerly homeless veterans Corey Weckman and Rob Kasheta tell us how they overcame barriers like alcohol and drug addiction to become self sufficient. They offer their best advice to other homeless vets. U.S. VETS Career Counselor Aurelio Sanchez, Case Manager Paula Corvalan and Donald Forden, a U.S. Army Chaplain, retired, out reach to vets with emotional problems like P.T.S.D and military to civilian transition. Vets, make the choice for a better life, U.S. VETS can help you achieve that goal.

VHVtv presents "Artemis Rising Recovery Program." Coming Full Circle: Artemis Rising is a recovery program started by The Invisible War movie. This is a discussion with the program director Mylea Charvat, a graduate of the program Kate Weber, and Victoria Sanders. Mylea made the choice to make military sexual trauma her focus after working with the group Victoria was a part of in 2004. They met again when these three women were on a panel after a showing of The Invisible War in July 2013.

"Vet-Tech." Interviews with Bow Rodgers, CEO of Vet-Tech; Lydia Davey, CEO and Founder of Moriah Creative and Ryan Micheletti, CFO of Portal tell how they started and became entrepreneurs. We encourage veterans to start their own companies.

"Year of the Woman Veteran 2013" features interviews with Deedra DeCoster and Deborah Rembold, members of the AMVETS CA Women Veterans Committee discusses why they joined AMVETS. Empowerment of women veterans and why it is important for women veterans to join a Veteran Service Organization to create positive change from with in.
Another VHV episode features interviews with San Jose veteran community leaders Ben Sok and Luis Hernandez. Ben is the President of the Veterans Student Organizations at San Jose State University and tells his personal story of transitioning from the military to the civilian world. Luis is a Veteran Case Manager for the Goodwill of Silicon Valley and tells us about their outreach to homeless veterans.

VHVtv presents "Vets, find a career, not just a job." Interviews with Jarom Vahai, Chairman of the Veterans Employment Committee of San Mateo and Helen Wong, Team Leader of the AMVETS Career Center in San Francisco, CA.

"Unique Challenges For Women Veterans." features an interview with Lori McCallum, U.S. Navy combat veteran back from her 9 month tour of duty in Afghanistan, talks about being in a 45 minute firefight at the clinic she worked at. She provided security for civilian Afghanistan women who came to the clinic. Also how lack of sleep and stress cause PTSD in many returning veterans and why it is important for vets to get registeed at the VA. Interviewed by Sheryl Shaffer.

"How All of Us Can Help Veterans." is an interview with Paula Caplan, author of ""When Johnny and Jane Come Marching Home, How All of Us Can Help Veterans." Actively listening to veterans and not drugging or labeling them with PTSD would be an appropriate choice. Healing through the Arts is discussed.

"Native American Vets, interview with Louis Bickford." Interview with Louis Bickford, VFW CA Chairman for the Native American Veterans. Mr. Bickford is certified by the Veterans of Foreign Wars to do Veteran Claims for Compensation and Pension. He is the President of First Nations, a V.S.O. and how they are training Native American Vets to become Tribal Vet Reps and veteran advocates. Interview conducted by Sheryl Shaffer.

VHVtv presents "Craig Newmark talks to Vets." Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, talks to Veterans on August 1, 2012 at the Veterans Success Center, at the War Memorial Building, 401 Van Ness, San Francisco, CA. Mr. Newmark explains the virtues of Social Media and how veterans can network using Social Media. A truly inspiring presentation. This VHVtv episode was produced by Leo Madrid, Operations Manager for the Veterans Success Center in San Francisco and the American Legion War Memorial Commission of SF.

VHVtv presents "2012 SHOUT Women Veterans Art Show." Rebecca Murga interviews Charlotte Bear, Sharon Birzer, Latonia Dixon, JoAnn Martinez, Bridgett McCoy, and Emily Yates at the 2012 SHOUT Women Veterans Art Show at the Women's Building in San Francisco CA. An open and frank discussion from women veterans about Military Sexual Trauma and their military experience is presented.

VHVtv presents the "Alameda County Veterans Employment Committee" and features their Chairman Eli Soto and a CA EDD Vet Rep Pat Keenan. What VEC's do in the local community and the partnership with the CA Employment Development Department are presented. Find out how WOTC, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit gives employers tax breaks for hiring veterans. Your best bet is to hire a vet.

VHVtv presents "Call Dibbs and 129 WI Air Refueling Wing." Sheryl interviews Anthony Garcia and Manjula Jonnalagadda who created Call Dibs a free App for smart phones, for more info goto: Plus a special video roll-in from the 2012 AFMD 128th Air Refueling Wing of the Wisconsin Air National Guard, filmed by David Ryba of Veteran Media Services.

VHVtv presents "Memorial Day Observance 2012 at GGNC." Presented by the Avenue of the Flags and VHVtv.

VHVtv presents "Women Veterans Breaking the Silence." Prts. 1, 2 and 3 was videotaped at The National Women Veterans Association of America NWVAA's first national conference in San Diego in late April. These are frank and open discussions of Military Sexual Trauma MST, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD. This is an outreach to women veterans to enroll in and receive care from the Dept. of Veteran Affairs. These are stories of recoverey and inspiration. We encourage women veterans to come out of hiding and to obtain the assistance they deserve.

"South Bay Collaborative" is about the work of the California Collaborative founded by Mary Ellen Salzano. Charlotte Bear, Facilitator of the "South Bay Veterans Collaborative" of Santa Clara county, is intervierwed by Sheryl Shaffer. "The Calfiornia Collaborative is a strong voice advocating for a wholistic, compassionate continuum of services, treatment and care for our service members, veterans, families, care givers and care providers. through out California. We provide a forum to share information and education, raise awareness, focus outreach and promote strategic partnerships that will streamline and improve access to health and human services. We build fully integrated partnerships of Federal, State, Local and Community in support of our Military and Families."

"Daughters of the American Revolution." Sheryl Shaffer, a member of the DAR, interviews Christina Ramos, Regent of the Presidio Chapter NSDAR. They discuss the history of the DAR, membership, qualifications and what they do to help veterans. For more information go to:

Sheryl Shaffer, AMVETS Post 34, interviews Dick Rutledge, President of the California chapter of Tee It Up For The Troops and Fred Brattain, Founder of the Disabled Golfers Learning Foundation (DGLF) as they discuss outreach to disabled veterans and how they teach golf to our wounded warriors.

VHVtv presents the "San Francisco Community Covenant" and introduces the following service providers: Jerry P. Greer, AMVETS CA State Commander, Eduardo A. Ramirez, Admin. Officer for Mental Health at the Dept. of Veteran Affairs, Ft. Miley, SF. Joan Kelly Williams, Dir. of SAF of the American Red Cross Bay Area, Alex Guzman, Warrior Outreach Coordinator with the Wounded Warrior Project, Jonathan Burns, Exalted Ruler of Elks Lodge 3 of SF, Alexandra Crichlow, SF Veterans Afairs Commisioner and Rhonda Harris, CEO of R.F. and Assoc. and Craig Newmark, Customer Service Rep and Founder of These indivudals explain how they are outreaching to veterans in the SF Bay Area. Interviewed by Sheryl Shaffer, host and producer of VHVtv.

"Veteran Employment Opportunities" features Jarom Vahai, Chairman of the Veterans Employment Committee San Mateo. Jarom explains how he is collaborating with employers through out the San Francisco Bay Area and presenting training and job opportunities for veterans. Also featured is Christopher Loverro interviewing Sheryl Shaffer on how VHV TV was started and why we outreach to veterans.

"Veterans Resource Center San Francisco" tells the story of how the Veteran Resource Center was created by community partnerships and private donations. VRC Facility Managers Mike Smith, Randolf Martinez and James Small discuss the employment and training services they provide veterans in San Francisco. The VRC is located at the historic War Memorial Building, 401 Van Ness Avenue. This is Part 1 of 2. VRC SF Part 2 features Jarom Vahai, Founder of Green Careers for Veterans, Roger Dong and Mario Benfield of the American Legion, Paul Cox of Veterans For Peace, Michael Blecker of Swords to Plowshares, Craig Newmark, Founder of Cragislist and others tell how they all collaborated to create the Veterans Resource Center in San Francisco, CA. This is an outreach to all veterans to assist them in obtaining employment, training and other supportive services. There are many jobs and training opportunities available for veterans in the SF Bay Area.

"Jobs and Services for Veterans" features representatives from "Swords to Plowshares", a non-profit in San Francisco that transitions homeless veterans and "Green Careers 4 Veterans" and how they offer training and employment opportunities for veterans in the Bay Area.

These are just some of our shows. We have 25 VHV TV episodes available on pegmedia for downloading and broadcasting in your area. These are timely shows with important topics for our veteran population.

An inspiring episode is "WholeVet' and veterans are restoring their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being in a collaborative group environment through a combination of mind/body disciplines, including athletic training, psychoactive nutrition and counseling. The veterans give testimonials on how this "WholeVert" concept has changed and increased the quality of their their lives. Staff explain how this program was started in San Francisco and what an impact it is having in their community. Staff from the Vet Center in San Francisco explain how they reach out to veterans and why veterans need to become more active. Many of these veterans disscuss how "WholeVet" is helping them with PTSD.

Another episode is about the new "Veterans Resource and Opportunity Center" (V-ROC) Ribbon Cutting at Cañada College in Redwood City, CA. It shows how colleges can help veterans to make the change from combat to the classroom, with the support from other veterans who know the challenges. They can help them with benefits and educational guidance, in a low stress environment, in order to adjust back into civilian life. The goal is to help them in getting the tools to become productive again and support them along the way.

The "Barstow Veterans Home" is a 5 star rated facility. This wonderful episode about the Barstow Veterans Home showcases that gem of a place. The staff there are truly dedicated and shining examples of those who care for our aging veterans. AMVETS volunteers discuss their many projects including Bingo and trips to local casinos that are provided to the residents. The Barstow Veterans Home is located in the high desert about halfway between LA and Las Vegas where the I-15 and I-40 freeways meet. There are currently vacancies available in the domiliciallary care unit. There are 3 levels of care available: Domiciliiary care, Intermediate Nusring and Skilled Nursing Care. Fees are based on level of care and income. Staff and residents and AMVETS volunteers are interviewed. The "Barstow Veterans Home" is a state of the art facility that offers a package deal, which includes full room and board, fuill medical care, medication as well as optical and dental care. All rooms are fully furnished. You may have to share a room with someone.

"Kilroy Was Here" episode features an interview with Patrick A. Tillery, Editor of and his quest for a U.S. Postage stamp. An interview with Leo McArdle and his work with the Boy Scouts of San Mateo County is included.

"Honor Flight and AMVETS Post 40 Santa Rosa" episode features Tom and Debbi Johnson of Honor Flight NORCAL. They tell how having her father be the first recepient of an Honor Flight changed their lives and how they run the Honor Flight program for the state of California. Honor Flights take WWII veterans to the National WW2 Memorial in Washington, D.C. Also featured is Bud Simmons and Dave and Jackie Richey of Post 40 in Santa Rosa and the VA "Myhealthevet" is presented.

The "Veteran Peer Specialists" episode introduces the first 2 graduates of the Dept. of VA program of Veteran Peer Specialists; Major General Daniel E. Helix, Commanding General of the U. S. Volunteers and Leo McArdle, Colonel and Deputy Chief of Staff for Honors of the U.S.V. The host is Sheryl Shaffer AMVETS CA Dist. 4 Cmdr. A frank and honest discussion of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is presented. The U.S. Volunteers is a non profit group that provides honors for deceased veterans at national cemeteries through out the U.S.

"PAWS With A Cause" has interviews with Deb Davis, National Marketing Director for PAWS and Kevin Stone, a U.S. Army, Retired, who tells how having a service dog changed his life and gave him his independence back.

“PTSD from Vietnam to Iraq” and introduces, Joe Diaz and John Casterman, 2 Vietnam combat vets who encourage OEF/OIF vets to seek treatment for PTSD through the Vet Centers.

"The Truth about PTSD." Sheryl interviews Dr. Briget C. Cantrell, of and Stacey M. Sprenkel, Attorney from Morrison and Foerster in San Francisco as they discuss PTSD diagnosis and treatment within the VA system and outside of the VA system. The attorney is part of the legal team that filed a class action on behalf of all veterans for not receiving timely treatment for their PTSD through the Dept. of Veteran Affairs.

"Welcome Home" episode presents representatives from the USO at SFO and how they welcome home troops at the San Francisco International Airport and Pacifica Military Moms; how they started and outreach to troops by holding local events in their community.

Veterans Newsline

Veterans Newsline is a monthly Veterans News Show featuring Veterans News and events in SE
Wisconsin and across the nation. Veterans Newsline is produced by Veterans Media Services,
Inc. located in Milwaukee, WI and is produced using all volunteer reporters and photojournalists.

The monthly episodes of Veterans Newsline are 30 min. in length, but we also come out with
special editions a few times a year featuring special events such as the Milwaukee Veterans Day
Parade. These special event videos can last as long as two hours.

Victor Marchese - The Undiscovered Tenor

Victor Marchese was one of M-G-M studio's greatest talent discoveries of the 1950s, and arguably, one of the greatest voice on recorded media at the time. Songwriter Jimmy McHugh described Victor's voice as "thrilling." Critics were often comparing him to Mario Lanza, a popular tenor and movie star. Unbelievably, and in spite of Victor's awesome vocal abilities and dynamic versatility with musical styles, his career potential was squandered by the studio bosses, who had contractual obligations to other more established movie stars of the period. This is Victor's story, finally brought to DVD, and featuring rare concert footage highlights, as well as four of his 12 outstanding recordings, digitally mastered for their first time presentation on video! 2 half-hour episodes complete this hour long documentary. Both parts to be shown in sequence, together as one program.

Victory Lane

Victory lane is an action packed Northern New England Auto racing show. Watch as host George Powers the Powermouth takes the audience to different thrilling dirt and asphault tracks in our neck of the woods. no matter why type of auto racing it is you can be sure of one thing, Victory Lane will be there covering the action. You don't want to miss out on this action packed fun auto racing show.

Video Essays by Nina

This is a monthly opinion show which presents information on important issues in America, through the lens of a Russian-American citizen. The producer backs up her opinion with facts, data, and common sense.

Video News From TAC - The Archaeology Channel

A video news magazine each month bringing you stories from the wide world of archaeology.

This show includes in-depth reports on a wide variety of archaeological and cultural heritage topics all around the world. Topics include a wide range of stories, from the history of Thailand to the study of archaeology on the Moon.