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Victor Marchese - The Undiscovered Tenor

Victor Marchese was one of M-G-M studio's greatest talent discoveries of the 1950s, and arguably, one of the greatest voice on recorded media at the time. Songwriter Jimmy McHugh described Victor's voice as "thrilling." Critics were often comparing him to Mario Lanza, a popular tenor and movie star. Unbelievably, and in spite of Victor's awesome vocal abilities and dynamic versatility with musical styles, his career potential was squandered by the studio bosses, who had contractual obligations to other more established movie stars of the period. This is Victor's story, finally brought to DVD, and featuring rare concert footage highlights, as well as four of his 12 outstanding recordings, digitally mastered for their first time presentation on video! 2 half-hour episodes complete this hour long documentary. Both parts to be shown in sequence, together as one program.

Victory Lane

Victory lane is an action packed Northern New England Auto racing show. Watch as host George Powers the Powermouth takes the audience to different thrilling dirt and asphault tracks in our neck of the woods. no matter why type of auto racing it is you can be sure of one thing, Victory Lane will be there covering the action. You don't want to miss out on this action packed fun auto racing show.

Video Essays by Nina

This is a monthly opinion show which presents information on important issues in America, through the lens of a Russian-American citizen. The producer backs up her opinion with facts, data, and common sense.

Video News From TAC - The Archaeology Channel

A video news magazine each month bringing you stories from the wide world of archaeology.

This show includes in-depth reports on a wide variety of archaeological and cultural heritage topics all around the world. Topics include a wide range of stories, from the history of Thailand to the study of archaeology on the Moon.

Virginias First People

Dr. Helen Rountree — Professor Emerita of Anthropology at Old Dominion University — and Dr. Michael Barber — State Archaeologist with the Virginia Department of Historic Resources — discuss the history, culture, geography, and language of Virginia’s First People.

Segments include:
The Weyanoke: A World of Water and Land
The Weyanoke: Farmers and Hunters
The Weyanoke: Stone, Bone, and Clay Artifacts
Stone Tools
Bone Tools
The Atlatl: Mysterious Artifacts
Werowocomoco: Trading with the Powhatan
The Powhatan: The Language Barrier
The Powhatan: The Culture Barrier
Losing the Land

Vitus Rocks

Vitus Rocks is a television show that features bands performing at Vitus in Oakland, California.
Three to four shows are produced a month. The show is produced by Yeah Live!