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"Travelin'" runs approximately ½ hour and there is a new episode every month.

Erin Barry your host takes you to places of interest around NH. She tours these places, including interviews to show the viewer what they can expect, and places they may want to visit throughout the state. Some examples include a local apple orchard, a haunted house, a journey on The Polar Express, and The Anheuser Busch Brewery just to name a few. It is a fun entertaining show, that can help viewers find new places to visit, and things to do all over NH.


Travel Television is a new magazine series that will explore the news and events in the travel industry and the impact that these events have on the traveling public. This half-hour program will explore changes in technology, regulations, and products and services designed with the traveler in mind. This series focuses on voluntourism and presents stories of those people volunteering their time and efforts to rebuild the gulf coast. Almost 2 million have travelled to volunteer, and there are those have come from every community in the country. This series hopes to be an interactive experience, and we want to work with local peg stations to provide an opportunity to tell stories of your viewers as part of this series. We offer an opportunity to include video stores in the series and provide a companion website where viewers can share their volunteer experiences through the web using multiple social media platforms. Contact us at for more details.

Each episode will be hosted and provide useful consumer information to help every viewer become a better informed traveler.

Treasures, Travels and Tales

Welcome to A. A. Productions newest Kid's Educational/Informational Series "Treasures, Travels & Tales"

The initial series is our Fall/Halloween specials entitled "Moon Valley Manor"!

"Moon Valley Manor" is an old school-multi-media-fun-fest of creative and rather nutty characters telling us all about their day set in the backdrop of an old servants house turned boarding house! The show is interspersed with a secondary embedded segments that focus on building kids awareness of a few pin-point subjects we feel are facing kids today. The subject matters we focus on in these building awareness segments are "Staying Put", "Reading", "Manners", "The Environment" & "Junk Food".

0001 - TT & T / MVM 1 (Lucky Sock & Stay Put)
0002 - TT & T / MVM 2 (Dirt & Monsters & Junk Food)
0003 - TT & T / MVM 3 (Pancake Breakfast & Reading)
0004 - TT & T / MVM 4 (Blueberry Pies & Manners)
0005 - TT & T / MVM 5 (Grandma's House & The Environment)
0006 - TT & T / MVM 6 (Old Jebidiah & Sweep Revenge)

Our standard "Treasures, Travels & Tales" shows are broken up in to three segments just as the name implies.

"Treasures" features narrated, multi-media driven, shorter segments that showcase many of the idiosyncratic things about WNY that we find fun and interesting.

"Travels" features much longer segments where we go "out & about" in Western, New York discovering the people, places & things that makes life here so special.

"Tales" is a storybook inspired bit of magic that features our characters in a wonderful series that takes stories, facts and folklore and turns them all on their heads.


It's been said to me, several times, that "Treasures, Travels and Tales" looks like my personal love letter to Western New York. Although I had never looked at it that way until it was mentioned to me, I have to say, that that's probably as accurate a statement as anyone could make about the show. The show reflects my deep and abiding commitment to creating high-quality, locally-produced, fun and educational television for the region and is the culmination of over 12 years of work creating and producing locally flavored television programs out in the San Francisco Bay area and here, back home, in Western New York.

I arrived back home to Buffalo on April 20th, 2014 (8:45pm Easter night of that year, to be exact) to settle down and reconnect to my awesome family, oldest friends and my deepest roots. At the time, I simply couldn't foresee where this journey would lead but I knew that I wanted to create the type of show that I loved here as a kid myself.

Are you old enough to remember "Commander Tom" and "Rocketship 7" or even the CHCH-TV's "The Hilarious House of Frightenstein" or the CBC's "The Friendly Giant" or "Mr. Dress Up"? If not, click the links. And if that answer was a resounding "YES!", then you surely remember how great these shows were.

"Treasures, Travels & Tales" follows in the footsteps of those giants and will hopefully, inspire a whole new generation of budding young media creators in our region (and beyond) to keep this type of programming alive and well!

The show is full of local sights, stories, features, fascinating history, and great people from our region all interwoven together in a multi-media adventure that features a little fun-filled educational content along with a touch of my own brand of admittedly, off-kilter, zany humor.

I have also just introduced our new six show "Saturday Morning/Funtime/Fall/Hallween/Super specials Spectacular"...WHHHEEEWWWW... sketch comedy series for kids of all ages called "Moon Valley Manor"! "Moon Valley Manor" is an all out curiosity of wacky whimsicality and features five cloth-eared misfits daily lives in and around an old farm house turned boarding house. Each episode features a "unique" cast of puppets, people and animated characters in a fun, creative, free-thinking, satirical format that values kids individuality and untapped potential inspiring them to think for themselves, stand on their own and to never stop questioning everything!.

Coming in early 2018, I will be launching "Last Transmission from Earth"! "Last Transmission from Earth" is a "Tales" series set to the tone and pacing of the wonderful comic strips I grew up in the 1980's such as the Far-Side, Bloom County and Bill Watterson's Calvin & Hobbes. And just like those seminal comic strips I loved so much as a kid, LTFE will be a biting, deeply honest, social satire driven, mini-episode series set in a comic-panel style featuring Baldwin the Alien, Sequoia the Littlest Bigfoot along with their neighborhood pals Herbert the Turtle, Francis and his next door neighbors, Silf and his older brother Henry.

Later in 2018, I will be introducing "Ebenezer's Woods"! "Ebenezer's Woods" is another mini-episode "Tales" series I've been secretly developing over the last few years that features a nutty pack of genetically-mutated, cloth-eared, motley creatures that were let loose by the Mad Doctors to run in the woods surrounding Moon Valley Manor to protect the place but all they really seem to do is hang out all by the pond in a seemingly endless existential funk, pondering their existence and the utter-meaningless of it all.

Thank you for your support,
A. A. Augustine

Tricked--Inside the World of Teen Sex Trafficking

“You are taught to say he’s your boyfriend and not your pimp.” A 13-year old girl leaves the house on a Saturday night, telling her parents she’s going to hang out with her boyfriend. She never makes it home that night…or the next night…or the next. Five days later, she’s found in a hotel room. She’s been drugged, beaten and sexually assaulted, and she wears a new tattoo. It’s a brand, placed there by her pimp to claim her as property…a pimp she thought was her boyfriend.
This is one scenario that happens in the world of human trafficking, a practice of using another human being for material gain. It’s often referred to as modern day slavery, and teen sex trafficking is one of the leading forms of human trafficking in the United States.

Every day, thousands of teenagers from every walk of life — every culture and economic status — are forced into the world of sex trafficking. In the 1-hour program, we take a look at how teens are scouted, manipulated, and trapped in what has become a 9.8 billion dollar underground industry. From the mall to the bus stop to the school hallways, our students are being tricked, recruited, and threatened into having sex for money.

Tricked will help students understand and spot the scouting and manipulating techniques that are commonly used by traffickers. Using testimony from survivors of sex trafficking, as well as insider information from a former trafficker, we talk about how to avoid susceptible behaviors. We also provide insights on how to get help if students or their friends get trapped in this terrible situation. Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools in the fight against this global issue. Help your community be more aware.

Truth TV - Connecting The Dots For Truthseekers

Truth TV is an example of independent producers covering and analyzing news the mainstream media do not and cannot cover. We focus on everything from political assassinations, war, climate change, the corporate takeover of our government and the destruction of the planet by the same.

I cover Occupy, the Wall Street heist, income disparity, healthcare, Peace movements and the lies about war. The format of the show is generally an interview of one or two guests on a particular topic usually bout 28 minutes in length, sometimes shorter. All of the topics I cover directly impact every person in Maine, the U.S., and the world. The show is not "political" in that it does not support political parties or politicians of any stripe. In every other sense, it definitely is political.

Truth vs NEWS, Inc. and Call 4 Investigation

Truth vs NEW$, Inc.
Don't swallow anything you see or hear here until you chew it to pieces. Truth vs. NEW$, Inc. The roots and fruits of the media's 'truths'/ issues

This show features guests, Clips and quips about important topics in the news - to help you learn what MSM may not want you to know.

Host, Donald T Grahn's weekly shows have been on Seattle public access TV since 2005.

Call 4 Investigation
More shows with a similar flavor.

Tupelo Music Hall - Open Mic

Tupelo Music Hall is a highly respected venue, showcasing talented, nationally-recognized musicians who perform in a friendly, relaxed, attractive and intimate setting.

Once a month, Tupelo holds Open Mic Night. This is Tupelo's most requested event, and features a number of established artists as well a several new talented acts. Each artist performs two songs and each evening includes an established feature act who performs a full half hour set. Many a new artist has gotten their break at Tupelo Open Mic.

The Hall is always packed to capacity with musical talent. Due to its popularity the location is attracting more and more individuals - so much so that the show often carries on until the wee hours of the morning.

Format is similar to Austin City Limits.

The sound quality is exceptional, due to the design of the sound stage in the Tupelo Music Hall, and a direct feed from the Tupelo sound deck. Ambient microphones gather input from passive microphones around the room.

Each program is approximately an hour in duration (the four to five hour recordings are edited to 3 - 5 one hour shows with the host, Robert Haigh, of Old Vienna fame, introducing each separate act)

It is with great pride and pleasure that we announce that "Modern Aspects" (in association with Londonderry Access Centre) have won for a second year an award from Alliance for Community Media regional competition, this year for "Tupelo Music Hall - Open Mic".

This contest drew over 500 entries from New England and New York.

Specific thanks from the Producer to all those that where involved in the making and distribution of this video.

Turning of the Wheel

“Turning of the Wheel” is a bi-weekly 30-minute television show about astrology, art, and spiritual adventure, with nationally-recognized astrologer, Chris Flisher. This show offers a wide array of astrological topics and stretches into art, and spirituality and the inter-connections of all of these themes. The show features interesting topics, educational segments, and progressive discussions about astrology, the arts, and metaphysics. The goal of the show is to provide a platform for progressive topics that help to provide alternate methods for coping with change. “As the great wheel turns, we are best prepared when we are best informed.”