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TVInsideScoopVA is a weekly one hour show produced "Live" each Sunday night from 6:30 to 7:30 PM Eastern Time with an emphasis on Virginia state, county, and local issues being the primary focus. These shows are usually hosted by George Burke who is a nationally connected Democratic political "Insider", print/TV journalist, and Capital Hill Senior Staff. The shows have a definite Progressive or moderate Democratic political slant on most issues. Debate shows as part of this series are typically done in a usually balanced format so as to show both sides of the issues. Guests who can represent the opposing view if available are invited and debated with full audience interaction where possible. The focus leans toward the Washington DC metropolitan area, but most content has national significance because this region is the home and bedroom communities for those that actually run our national government.


Twaddle is a smorgasbord of short subjects.

Episode one profiles Appalachian author Dave Lavender and his travel book "Dave Trippin'". Tim Dorcas, a Zen Juggler. The DuMont Network's 1950 Miss US Television pageant. The patron saint of today's Wall Street robber barons. Two short narrative films. The program concludes with a humorous, but disturbing look at the exploitive practices of the funeral industry.

Twaddle is available as a 50 minute program complete with introductions to each segment.
Each segment is also available as a separate download -- great for time-fillers!

Two Bits Radio Theatre

Take a step back in time as Two Bits Radio Theatre revives the Golden Age of Radio. In each episode, our cast step up to the mic to present tales of crime, suspense and the supernatural.

Two Wheel Oklahoma

Two Wheel Oklahoma is a half-hour television travel program featuring unique destinations along the scenic highways and backroads of Oklahoma. The hosts travel by motorcycle and invite viewers to come ride along. Lush photography and witty commentary have made this show a regional favorite.

Brad Mathison and Rex Brown are your hosts for this scenic tour of life off the beaten path. In each episode they choose a stretch of scenic highway and head out to explore the sights and meet the people. Their destinations might be a historic site, a winery, a small town, or just a scenic stretch of highway. It could be a weekly bike night or a greasy spoon. It might be a curve where the sunsets live. And the best way to get there may not be the shortest. Motorcycling is a great way to see the Sooner State. But even if you've never ridden there's plenty to enjoy! We hope you'll come ride along.

Learn more about the show and preview sample episodes at

Ukulele Test Drive

Join travel writer Dick Jordan while, during a stroll around the picturesque seaport town of Port Townsend on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, his friend, maestro Dave Parisse, strums away on a new ukulele at the Mad Hatter & Company.

UnCharted Territory

Go "Beyond What the Charts Say" Dr. Joni Johnson host and informative 30 minute program that will go deeper into the root causes and well as discuss remedy on behavioral health issues.

Uncle Boo Show

"Uncle Boo Sells Sneakers" and Shoes is a live-action variety show for children ages 2 to 6. The action takes place in a magical shoe store, tended by Uncle Boo, where shoes grow on trees and shoe boxes are filled with surprises.

Uncle Boo is visited by Gaby the babysitter, who brings children to the store to try on shoes, sing, dance, and learn. Each episode highlights a different theme— food, feelings, our bodies, and more.

A wacky show with a gentle touch, the Uncle Boo Show evokes Pee Wee's Playhouse and Mister Roger's Neighborhood and the song stylings of Raffi.