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Toms Guitar Show

Tom's Guitar Show

It's about an hour. It’s about guitars.

Tom's Guitar Show, a weekly live call-in show about "all things guitaristic," has been running for more than a decade out of PATV-18 in Iowa City, Iowa. "Guitar Tom" Nothnagle is producer and host. Although the show is filmed as call-in, the recorded format, which is posted here on, works as well.

An online extension and stream is viewable at

Toniq TV PDT Girls

Just Added!! Spice up your late night programming!
Watching old movies is a special kind of drag with the charming and entertaining PDT Girls, Ima Cummings & Porcia Chanel. Terrible Movies, Fabulous Drag!! Public Domain Theatre Produced by Toniq TV's George Cox

Toniq TV was created to bring you the latest news, health, and entertainment for the Gay and Lesbian community around New England and beyond. Our cameras have covered many events including Boston and NH Gay Pride, concerts and more! Health issues are an important part of the program and our debut episode features where to get help if you or someone you know is affected or infected with AIDS/HIV. Each show will also bring you the latest Gay and Lesbian news and informative web sites.

A proud recipient of "Best in Show" "Best Magazine", and "Diversity and Empowerment" in The Alliance for Community Media NE.

Visit to watch over 60 segments

More episodes to be uploaded in the weeks to come.

Town Square

Town Square: The Future of Social Security gives viewers insight into the questions being raised about the Social Security retirement program: Is it going broke? What is the connection between Social Security and the federal deficit? Should the purpose of Social Security be different now than when it was created? Two common proposals—raising the payroll tax cap and raising the retirement age--are also explored. Three experts with a range of views--from those who want to strengthen the program to those who are concerned about fiscal responsibility--discuss these issues and more.

Town Square is a gathering place to talk about important issues. The goal is to provide a range of views to help people deepen their understanding of problems and explore solutions.

Towns Seek Authority Over States

The right to local self-government must be asserted that places decisions affecting communities in the hands of those closest to the impacts. That right to local self-government must enable communities to reject unsustainable economic and environmental policies set by state and federal governments, and must enable communities to construct legal frameworks for charting a future towards sustainable energy production, sustainable land development, and sustainable water use, among others.

Over one hundred communities in several sections of the country are challenging states having the last say as to how communities can protect their communities from violation by such things as factory hog farms, landfills, sludge disposal sites, and power lines. This is a talk by Thomas Linzey, Executive Director of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, given at Franconia, NH in January 26, 2012, on what must be done to secure this protection.

Tracing Your Family Roots

The show was started in 1997 in order to share information with others who are interested in doing genealogy. We brought in over 100 experts in various specialities to share their knowledge. Since most of us came from various parts of the world, a large number at the start of the last century, we share different difficulties in finding our ancestors. We discuss how to gather information from many of the countries of origin.

Tracks of Doom - A Halloween Special

This is a short Halloween special to be used as either a bumper/filler or as a short show. To view the video visit:

Train Time

TRAIN TIME is produced by members of the Great Falls Model Railroad Club of Lewiston/Auburn, Maine. Videographers from the club and their friends record trains from Maine, other New England states, and eastern states as far west as Pennsylvania, Virginia, and California.

TRAIN TIME is produced with railroad enthusiasts in mind. Adults and young children who enjoy watching trains are quiet and relaxed as they watch train cab rides, excursions, fall foliage trips, snow scenes, and trains passing through the country side.

Although most programs feature real trains in action, some of the shows are based on model railroading with “How to” clinics and model railroad layouts.

This popular program has elicited such comments as: “The only time my children are quiet is when they sit down in the afternoon and watch TRAIN TIME.” “When I get off work in the evening I love to sit down and relax by watching the trains travel through beautiful locations and familiar places.”

Travel Western National Parks

View several National Parks from the Western United States. We cover several Parks in Utah and a large contingent of Parks in Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, and Arizona. And one in Colorado, too!

Travel With A Sense of Place

In "Travel With A Sense of Place," travel writer Dick Jordan’s visual essays convey a sense of what it would be like to visit or live in different places around the world.

If you enjoy travel and discovering new places, "Travel With A Sense of Place" will inspire you to pack your bags and follow in Dick Jordan's footsteps to learn more about the world near and far from home.

Travel with Sandy and Gail

Join Sandy and Gail on their adventure travels to some of the more interesting destinations in the world.

Each trip is custom planned by Gail, using up-to-date travel guides and the internet. After she plans the trip, Gail selects a travel agent from amongst specialists in this area of the world.

The resulting custom itinerary develops from discussions with the travel specialist. Gail and Sandy travel alone, accompanied by a guide and driver provided by the travel specialist. This results in a more efficient trip, and one permitting flexibility to make changes that might enhance the experience. It also allows Sandy and Gail to travel at a more leisurely pace and to get off the beaten path, so that quality time can be spent in an interesting and unusual encounter. The result is an intimate and fascinating video adventure.