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Episode: 0023 Future Talk - The SETI Institute

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SETI stands for search for extraterrestrial intelligence, or ETI, and the SETI Institute has been searching for ETI since the mid 1980s. They do this by using radio telescopes to search the heavens for signals that look as if they could come from an intelligent source. The Institute is largely funded by private donors, including Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and actress Jodie Foster, who starred in the science fiction film "Contact", based on the Institute's work.

In addition to videos of the SETI Institute's telescope arrays, and pictures from NASA's Kepler Mission which greatly increased the number of planets known to be in the "habitable zone", the show features an interview with Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute. Seth has a Ph.D. in Astronomy from Caltech, he's host of the SETI Institute's weekly radio show "Big Picture Science" which is heard on over thirty radio stations, he won a prestigious award from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific for his contributions to the public understanding of astronomy, he co-authored a college textbook on astrobiology, and he's written hundreds of articles and delivers frequent lectures on popular topics in science.

Topics covered by the interview include methods of searching for ETI, the scientific benefits obtained from the search even if no ETI is found, how finding ETI might affect our concept of ourselves and our place in the universe, and the field of astrobiology, which tries to determine what conditions are required not only for life to be sustained but for life to get started.

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