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Beating Malika
Seattle recently made international news when a jail surveillance video was released which shows two cops attacking and beating a 15 year old girl who was in their custody. The brutality prompted a protest in front of the county courthouse. PepperSpray was there to get the story, presented here along with the video of the brutality which prompted the protest.

Code Pink builds a platform (with Jim Page)
The women of Code Pink went around building a “platform” of various social justice demands, taking Seattle’s iconic busker Jim Page with them.

David Rovics sings “DU”
David Rovics takes on America’s use of depleted uranium munitions in this little rant of a song.

The Stimulator is back
We finish off “Indymedia Presents #346” with a recent submission from Franklin Lopez, “It’s The End of the World As We Know It, And I Feel Fine” season 3, episode 2. Contents include:
“The Chomskulator,” “Ohhhhhhhhh Bama,” “Clean Coal 2 for 2,” “Duke Nuke ‘Em,” “Somali Ocean Defenders,” “Syncrude’s bad karma,” “Smash EDO,” “Paris,” “Jeff Munson.”

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