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Episode #343 of "Indymedia Presents" is entirely taken up with an independent look at the situation of refugees in eastern Chad and western Sudan (the Darfur region). The piece is called "Google Darfur."

The director, Robert Simental, tells us that since 2003, militias known as the "Janjaweed," under orders from the Sudanese government, have killed over 200,000 civilians and another 2.5 million people have been displaced and forced into refugee camps. In a bid to secure their oil interests inside of Sudan and Chad, many of the world's major governments pour weapons and cash into the region and remain passive to the growing carnage, allowing the violence to spread further into neighboring Chad. Frustrated by the situation, Matt Bowen from Canada and Robert Simental from the US traveled to Eastern Chad in February 2007. This is the story they captured.

Darfur is back in the news again, as the International Criminal Court weighs whether to issue an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar Hasan al-Bashir, accused of overseeing the genocide in Darfur. Meanwhile, many Americans would be hard pressed to find Darfur on a map. So we felt it a good time to bring this video to our viewers. Director Robert Simental made this special 28-minute version of the film just for "Indymedia Presents." For the full 97 minute version of the film visit .

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