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While reading the Bible one evening as a child, Troy was deeply impressed with how God honored Solomon’s request for wisdom. In immediate response and simple childlike faith Troy knelt and prayed, “Lord, if wisdom is the correct thing to ask for then please give me wisdom like you gave Solomon.” Thirty years later God is still granting wisdom and Troy has not stopped lyrically expressing those lessons through his strong conceptualized songs, captivating lyrics and stories, and passionate vocals.

As a Berklee College of Music arranging major, skilled multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and writer, after 4 years of Dean’s List grades Troy prayed upon leaving Berklee, “Lord, YOU continue to teach me the things about music that this world doesn't understand.” Troy really feels that God has not only taught him about music, but about what music was created for and what it can accomplish. Eighty songs and 20 years of music ministry experience (10 years of full time ministry) have both positioned and seasoned Troy to leave a powerful mark for the Kingdom. “When you are called, truly called, you realize that your ‘gifts’ are not your own… and as the Word says, they are ‘irrevocable’ for Kingdom purposes.”
Much of Troy’s effectiveness comes from his ability to paint pictures with stories and lyrics, which Troy credits to the instruction of his Berklee professor and highly sought after song-writing coach Pat Pattison. “Pat was an incredible instructor… and several times I sensed God encouraging me to really absorb what he was teaching to use for God’s glory.” Songs like Troy’s ‘Picking Petals,’ inspired by Christ’s questioning to ‘Simon’ Peter, pose the question of whether man’s actions ever cause God to ‘pick the petals’ and say, ‘he loves me… he loves me not.’ China Doll has ministered to countless wounded children who struggled to see God as a caring Father. (Troy, a product of a broken family at age 6 understands the need for individuals to see Father God accurately, as the amazing Father that He is.) But Troy’s personal favorite is a ‘trip into God’s backyard’ to express his deep unrestrained love for God in a “Serenade” from the limb of God’s tree. His lyrics are inspiring and vocals are filled with passion.

Being out on a limb for God is something that Troy is very accustomed to. Four years ago he founded JirehScope Ministries, predominantly out of a desire to bring a call to intimacy with God, and in worship, to the church. Troy invites the listener to ‘eavesdrop’ in on his conversations with God and it’s not uncommon to hear that folks end up engaging in God conversations themselves as they listen. But Troy and JirehScope Ministries have not limited themselves to just ‘music ministry.’ “We founded the ministry, also, on the desire to bring impartation and ‘be faithful in the little.’ Troy has learned, “When you set your heart to be faithful ‘in the little’ you realize there really IS NO LITTLE with God.” This willingness has prompted the ministry to start a street evangelism team and a thriving clothing ministry.

After many years of investing in other peoples visions and ministries Troy is very excited about how God has been promoting the vision that He gave to Troy years ago. “I have always known that God had BIG plans in mind, but for years I have placed them on the back burner to grow while investing in others. God has told me that He would redeem the time that I have sown into others… and man is He delivering on that now. Nothing is ever ‘lost’ when you are in God’s will… I am far more ‘seasoned’ for ministry from my years of investing in and observing others, than had I set out immediately for MY career.” God has not stopped blessing either. Troy now spends a large portion of his time in his new two room recording facility… another gift from God through a ‘team’ of faithful individuals who believe in his calling, gifts and music.

When Troy least expected it God moved and began forming the ‘team’ he always knew was coming. “God has ALWAYS been faithful to me. I have driven cars I haven’t bought, owned instruments and sound systems I didn’t pay for… The Lord moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. The Bible says that those who know Him will ‘do great exploits’ for Him… thus Jireh Scope; Scoping, seeing, focusing, aiming for the unhampered motion and provision of God… sometimes from us as vessels… and sometimes directly from Him!” Troy believes that when we live in the zone of pleasing Him first (“putting a smile on His face”), we position ourselves to be used mightily of Him. Troy is currently writing a book with a working title of ‘Smile Factor: Pursuing the Pleasure of God.’ “I just want to make Him smile… continuously… and if I can impart that in some way, I know that He will smile all the more! (Pausing with a chuckle) EXPONENTIALLY!” he says while grinning.

The refreshing thing about Troy’s ministry is that his story is never about pointing to himself. Though Troy’s life has been loaded with challenges and adversities, he continues to smile and point people to the source of that smile. Pastors often say they appreciate the transparency that Troy brings in his stories… always placing the focus on God and His moving. An often self proclaimed ‘knucklehead behind a keyboard’ Troy puts things in perspective, “The ONLY cool thing about my stories is how God worked in them… talking about me is small talk in comparison to talking about HIM.”

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