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Program No. 739

The Great Change of 2009

On Nov. 11, 2009, Lyndon LaRouche conducted an international webcast in Northern Virginia, sponsored by the LaRouche Political Action Committee. LaRouche’s national spokeswoman, Debra Freeman, moderated the event. This edition of The LaRouche Connection features the first hour of Mr. LaRouche’s opening remarks.

Today’s world system, including the U.S. economy, is doomed to an inevitable, early, and total collapse, unless we change the policy now! The United States is on the verge of disintegration, and there will be no recovery unless we change the present policies of the Obama Administration. Any American supporting Obama and his environmentalist, health-care, and military policies, is supporting the destruction of the United States. The only solution, is a Four-Power agreement, among the United States (with a change in the current Administration's policy), Russia, China, India, and including whatever smaller countries which would be willing to participate. Such an alliance would represent sufficient power to bring down the present world monetary system and institute a new credit system.

LaRouche: [In a webcast] “on July 25, 2007, [TLC Programs 699, 700, 701: “The End of the Post-FDR Era”], I warned that we were headed into a general breakdown crisis of the world financial-monetary system and economic system. Three days later, the beginning of that breakup occurred, in the form of the dropping out of the home mortgage market in the U.S., which spread quickly internationally. There was also a fundamental shift in the world economy.”

“For several thousand years, European civilization has been determined by a threefold principle of economy. On the top, you have a monetary (money) system where the price of money is privately or imperially controlled. Within nations, and in trade among nations, you have financial systems in which money is used to buy and sell goods and services. The third principle is the physical economy, which measures both the extent and rate of growth (or decline) of produced physical consumption, including services. What we are experiencing is a general breakdown crisis of all three, which is a virtual copy of what occurred on a national scale in 1923 Germany, but this time on a global scale.”

“There never was and never will be an economic recovery of the Untied States under the Obama Administration, as long as he remains in his present policies. The situation in Western and Central Europe for the President John F. Kennedy. “Since that time, there has been no net resurgence of infrastructure in the U.S. Since that time, with the 68ers, which rendered a cultural change with the Baby Boomer generation moment is hopeless, because it’s under a British dictatorship called Maastricht and the Lisbon treaties, and they have so far submitted to it.”

Mr. LaRouche takes his audience through the long process of disintegration, since 1964-68 and the assassination of, the economy has been destroyed with “post-industrial” society. We never improved.”

President Obama is acting as a puppet of foreign interests. “His Independent Medicare Advisory Council (IMAC) proposal is a Hitler-like policy, given to him by his protector, Tony Blair, who first introduced it in England when he was Prime Minister. That mustache stays on this President’s upper lip.”

“The solution, and it’s the only shot you’ve got, is the Four-Power agreement. If an alliance of these four and other countries occurs, that is sufficient power to bring down the present world system, and at the same time, institute a new one. The first step in that direction was implemented in October in negotiations between Russia and China, where they agreed that China, would use its credit (largely the debt of the U.S. to China) as a resource of credit and capital, for developing, in cooperation with Russia, essential systems centered on transportation and power in Asia. There are now negotiations going on, supplementing what has already been agreed to by Russia and China, with India.”

“Don’t pay any attention to what Democratic Party leaders tell you. Don’t pay attention to the press. What we have to do is go back to Glass-Steagall, in which we put the commercial banks through bankruptcy protection and reorganization of the type President Franklin Roosevelt specified back in 1933. Accounts which do not conform to Glass-Steagall standard are gone.”

“We require large-scale infrastructure, but we don’t have industry any more.” Therefore the Treasury Department will issue massive amounts of new low-interest credit to re-build our industrial capacity to provide it.

Under the heading “Defeat the British Empire!” Mr. LaRouche takes his audience back to 1763 and the Seven Years War in Europe (the French and Indian War in then colonial America), and goes through the British Empire’s manipulations known as the Civil War, World Wars I and II, Vietnam, and the endless wars in the Middle East. “We are subjected by the British Empire to this kind of policy of warfare as a way of inducing us to destroy ourselves, and to destroy our power.”

Switching to the fraud of British “green environmental policy,” and the hoax of “global warming,” he counterposes the way an economy really works, which is by utilizing increasing power densities of fire, and how that has allowed civilization to overcome exhaustion of the richest concentrations of raw materials, while at the same time increase its relative potential population density. “Mankind requires an increase in the energy-flux density of sources of power available. Which means going from burning of wood, or charcoal, or waste, up through petroleum and natural gas. And you find that you have to go a qualitative level beyond that, for mankind of survive: and that is, nuclear fission, but you have to go three orders of magnitude or higher than that, which is thermonuclear fusion. Solar power is idiocy,” and if deployed as a main power source, “will destroy mankind.”

This leads Mr. LaRouche to discuss the little Chlorophyll molecule, which is able to convert sunlight into a much higher form of power, and upon which mankind is able to make the planet habitable.

“We are the target of an intentional destruction of our nation and of civilization, by a kind of culture which comes out of a kind of a relatively dark age of imperialism, back in ancient times. We are destroying ourselves by becoming greenies. That’s how the enemy operates. It’s sort of like the Satan principle. Satan is out there to induce us to destroy ourselves, Right? And who is Satan? It’s called Prince Philip.”

Release Date: Jan. 11, 2010

[For a complete transcript of the webcast, see EIR magazine, Vo. 36, No. 45, Nov. 20, 2009, pp. 4-41.]

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