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Program No. 714
“Averting Doom,” Pt. 3

On March 12, Lyndon LaRouche conducted an international video webcast from Washington, DC, sponsored by the LaRouche Political Action Committee. Debra Freeman moderated. This edition of The LaRouche Connection features the concluding section of the Discussion Session following Mr. LaRouche’s opening presentation.

From a Zimbabwean living abroad: “I would appreciate your view on the current situation in Zimbabwe, and the upcoming elections, [as well as] Africa as a whole, and how the current perilous state of the world political and economic system will impact my already extremely vulnerable continent.”

John Asher: What’s going to have to be the transition here, out away from this Eurodollar/petrodollar system, in terms of bringing in the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act and New Bretton Woods?

From a Democratic staffer on a House Committee: If Hillary Clinton were elected, would this mean fascism could not be imposed?”

From a director of one of the Presidential campaigns: “You repeatedly refer to your Youth Movement, and the role they’re playing in forwarding your political agenda. Yet, those under age 22 or 23 are voting overwhelmingly for Barak Obama. Please explain.”

Alli Perebikovsky: What is the historic and cultural background of those nations [which would constitute your Four Power Agreement, i.e., China, India, Russia, and the United States]? What is it that allows these nations to be the best combination to change the current world system?”

Carlos Cano (president of the Conseno world organization): “Why do you persist in restructuring the old-neo-liberal model, when those tendencies keep us from a new world order, to be able to save the Earth from climatic changes through responsible consumption?”

From several EIR readers and others: “Vice-President Dick Cheney is going to 5-6 countries in Southwest Asia, and many people fear an Iran war, or other preventive war is being set up. This is especially the case after the resignation of Admiral Fallon. What is your assessment of this region, and how do you think the U.S. can avoid war before the Presidential elections?”

Male in audience: “What is your idea of our future educational system, based on morality and creativity?”

From a well-known Democratic consultant: “The current race for the Democratic nomination is being orchestrated in such a way as to cause bitter divisions among Democrats, and my fear is that those divisions may be too bitter and too deep to be mended. If this continues, I’m afraid we face the possibility of a GOP victory. Do you think there is some efficient way to deal with this problem now?”

Composite question from six sources in Italy: “The former finance minister of Italy, Giulio Tremonti, has recently written a book on the end of globalization, and the need for a New Bretton Woods. Unfortunately, Tremonti is part of the Berlusconi political movement, in which many are part of the old P-2 networks. They also support a platform which is racist, xenophobic, and generally deplorable, How to you think this contradiction is going to be resolved?”

From someone who was a super-delegate to the 2004 Democratic Convention in Boston: “Hoe does evil manifest itself in individuals?”

Release Date: May 5, 2008

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