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Program No. 716
“Tragedy and Hope,” Pt. 1

What we are facing in our nation today, is not simply the drama of a long primary election campaign, but a war for the survival of American forces, against those of the British Empire. Where things go in the U.S. and in the world at large, will not be decided at some political convention in August, nor at the general election in November. The strategic answers which determine the future of this nation and the planet, will be determined by how the leadership of this nation responds to the strategic questions before us, right now.

Both as a former Presidential candidate, a statesman, an economist, and as the chairman and founder of the LaRouche Political Action Committee, Lyndon LaRouche has put those questions before us, repeatedly. It has been the organizing of his movement that has largely shaped the issues in the ongoing national election. But not enough of the American people yet understand what is at stake. Not enough of our leaders, or would-be leaders, understand.

On May 7, Lyndon LaRouche delivered an address in Washington, DC at a town meeting sponsored by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (L-PAC), to once again, outline how the nation and world has gotten into the mess it is in, and, more importantly, how we can save civilization from doom. The event was broadcast live over the internet.

This edition of The LaRouche Connection features the first hour of Mr. LaRouche’s opening remarks. The entire event, including two hours of discussion, was moderated by Debra Freeman.

LaRouche: “The issue is not the election. The election is a battle in a war. It is not something unto itself. The result of this election, in itself, is a matter of indifference. It’s a question of how the battle is won and lost which is important.”

LaRouche: “The issue is World War III—between the British Empire, better known as the Anglo-Dutch Liberal banking financial system, and the principal nations of Eurasia—Russia, China, India. [These] and other nations, are the targets of intended warfare by the British Empire, which is already turning Continental Europe into a mere colony, through the program of the Lisbon Treaty. If the Lisbon Treaty were adopted, there would not be a single nation on the continent of Europe, west of Belarus and Russia, which had any sovereignty whatsoever. The British Empire would control the entirety of that region of Europe, as a puppet of the Angle-Dutch Liberal financial interests. It is those interests, represented in the U.S. for a long time, especially since 1971-2, which have taken control of the dollar. Now they’re moving in for the kill. And that’s the issue.”

LaRouche: “If they control the U.S. and parts of Europe, under the Lisbon Treaty, then you will have an actual fighting war emerging on this planet, against the continent of Africa and much of the continent of Asia, and other places. You will have dictatorship; you will have mass starvation. That’s part of the British program! It’s the food war!”

LaRouche: “We’re not dealing with an election. We’re dealing with whether there is in the Untied States, in the top layers of society, the moral fitness to survive! … If we allow this to happen, we will get the same kind of treatment that the victims of Mussolini, Hitler, and so forth, suffered. We have to win this war against that evil empire!”

LaRouche: “[President] Franklin Roosevelt’s intention, at the close of World War II, was to eliminate colonialism and all forms of imperialism from this planet. Once peace had been secured, the power of the U.S., developed through its agro-industrial and scientific power, was going to be used, by transforming its war machine into a machine of production. And as Roosevelt had spelled out specifically, to take the colonial nations of the world and continents like Africa, and free them, not only by giving them political freedom, but by giving them economic assistance and technology, to solve their problems, where they could emerge from being colonies and prey, to being essentially self-determining. And Roosevelt’s intention was to form a receptacle, called the United Nations, as an assembly of nations, including many which would be newly created as freed from former colonies, to sovereign national status. And the minute that pig Harry Truman walked in, to replace Roosevelt, within hours of Roosevelt’s death, Truman went to the side of Churchill. And Churchill’s policy was to prevent Roosevelt’s policy from succeeding, because the British were determined to maintain their empire.”

LaRouche: “The white-collar children of Truman, the ‘68ers, gave us Nixon. And with the aid of the Trilateral Commission, destroyed the U.S. economy on the inside. Once the Soviet Union collapsed, another change occurred called “globalization.” Manufacturing industries in particular, agriculture, and countries which were good agricultural producers or good manufacturing producers, have been stripped of those industries, [gone] to populations where the lower 80% of the population is illiterate.”

LaRouche: “So you have ‘colonies of manufacturing’ in countries in Asia, Africa, South America, where 80% of the population does not participate in the economy. You have areas which used to be food-producing areas, which no longer produce food. Because, what you’re having is a world dictatorship, under the name of globalization, in which the cultures are being destroyed….”

LaRouche: “We are now in a period, where the world as a whole, is in the process of collapsing into a new dark age, similar to, but worse than, potentially—unless we stop it—that which happened to Europe in the middle of the 14th Century.”

In this circumstance, Mr. LaRouche has made a number of proposals, in the tradition of the American System of political economy, to protect the population and get production going again: the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act; a two-tier credit system to channel funding for especially infrastructure; a four-power international conference to fix currency exchange rates again; and immediately doubling of world food production.

LaRouche: “Were now at a point, where a revolutionary movement, or the makings of it, is building up around the food issue. And therefore, those who triumphed yesterday, are not going to continue to triumph for long: The result is, either we win, and restore the kind of government we require, in various nations, and among nations, or this world is going into Hell, because the crisis won’t quite. The people will die of hunger; they will die in increasing numbers; they will kill for food. The structure of society will be destroyed in the fight over food which is not there. And therefore, either we win this fight against this evil, or there won’t be anything to fight for.”

[For a complete transcript, see EIR magazine, Vol. 35, No. 20 (May 16, 2008), pp 4-31.]

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