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Program No. 719
“Tragedy and Hope,” Pt. 3

At the beginning of May, 2009, our nation was witnessing not simply the drama of a long primary election campaign, but a war for the survival of American forces, against those of the British Empire. As of the end of June, where things go in the U.S. and in the world at large, will still not be decided at some political convention in August, nor at the general election in November. The strategic answers which determine the future of this nation and the planet, will be determined by how the leadership of this nation responds to the strategic questions before us, right now.

Both as a former Presidential candidate, a statesman, an economist, and as the chairman and founder of the LaRouche Political Action Committee, Lyndon LaRouche has put those questions before us, repeatedly. It has been the organizing of his movement that has largely shaped the issues in the ongoing national election. But not enough of the American people yet understand what is at stake. Not enough of our leaders, or would-be leaders, understand.

On May 7, Lyndon LaRouche delivered an address in Washington, DC at a town meeting sponsored by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (L-PAC), to once again, outline how the nation and world has gotten into the mess it is in, and, more importantly, how we can save civilization from doom. The event was broadcast live over the internet.

Edition No. 716 of The LaRouche Connection featured Mr. LaRouche’s opening remarks. Edition No. 718 presented seven questions from the Discussion Session. This edition completes the Discussion Session. The entire event was moderated by Debra Freeman.

• From a Clinton supporter: “If Obama is a fall-guy set up by the British Empire, [then] why are you not backing Clinton 100%? I understand that she is not perfect, but is without doubt, the only one that has a chance of doing right by humanity.”

• Rep. Priscilla Taylor (Florida House of Representatives, Democrat-District 84): Two questions: “Hillary wants a tax holiday [on the gas tax]; Obama opposes it. What do you think? What can we do now, immediately, that will have some benefit for the population?” “I know your Homeowners and Bank Protection Act (HBPA) has passed in many cities and states. [Ms. Taylor introduced it into the Florida Legislature.] Congress has refused to act on that measure, having their own bill, [and President Bush has said he will veto the relief bill the Democrats have put forward]. Does this give us a new opportunity for the HBPA, or are there other more pressing questions?”

• Composite question on Africa: “What is your solution to the problem that you refer to in Africa, where the growth of the African population is seen as a threat to the international financiers’ control of raw materials? Do you believe that there is a difference between the Anglo-Dutch financier oligarchy and the government of Great Britain? Many people in Africa really don’t see any difference between the two. Considering the food and financial problems that Africa faces, if right now you were standing anywhere on the African continent, what would you say to the African people?”

• John Jeffries (Official with Local 400, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers): “We’re making every effort to get the HBPA passed here in Louisville, KY. What are the similarities of the times in 1933, to today, particularly with regard to the housing market, and to banking in general. Debt obligations of mortgage-backed securities I don’t think were an issue in 1933. Is our current situation worse than 1933? If so, how?”

• Dr. Luise Light (former Director of Dietary Guidance, USDA): “According to the UN Global Policy Forum, the world produces enough food to feed every person alive. So why are we seeing the greatest worldwide hunger and starvation epidemic ever recorded, with one out of every six people in the world at immediate risk for severe malnutrition and death by starvation. This is not only immoral, but is breeding war and revolution in every known country where this massive hunger exists. We know two things: when people have the capacity to grow most of their own food and live in stable communities, they are not malnourished, they don’t starve to death ,and barring any unexpected catastrophe like war or weather-related disaster, they’re okay. The second thing we know, is that this global hunger catastrophe is man-made. It was created by the WTO [World Trade Organization] and others who have globalized monoculture and restricted farming by rules that favor the needs of the affluent, and ignore those of the poor. Who has decided who will live and who will die, by dictating such stupid, arrogant, and murderous world trade policies?”

• Sen. Joey Pendleton (Minority Whip, Kentucky State Senate, and co-sponsor of SR-90, the Kentucky HBPA): “In addition to my service in the legislature, I’m an active farmer, and I also serve on the faculty of the Murray State University Agricultural Program…. How can we feed the world, with the rising cost of production, and yet at the same time, keep food cheap for the domestic market? What’s your idea on how to keep farmers in American farming?”

• Composite question from members of the LaRouche Youth Movement: [Considering the fact that even if Hillary Clinton became President, in order to do that, she would have to make so many rotten deals and compromises with really bad people, that she wouldn’t be a very good President anyway] “is there maybe some other way for us to affect the general future of civilization, other than politics? … I want to maintain a sense of optimism about the future, but looking at the political framework, I’m having trouble doing it.”

[For a complete transcript, see EIR magazine, Vol. 35, No. 20 (May 16, 2008), pp 4-31.]

Release Date: July 7, 2008

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