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Program No. 718
“Tragedy and Hope,” Pt. 2

At the beginning of May, 2008, our nation was witnessing not simply the drama of a long primary election campaign, but a war for the survival of American forces, against those of the British Empire. As of the end of June, where things go in the U.S. and in the world at large, will still not be decided at some political convention in August, nor at the general election in November. The strategic answers which determine the future of this nation and the planet, will be determined by how the leadership of this nation responds to the strategic questions before us, right now.

Both as a former Presidential candidate, a statesman, an economist, and as the chairman and founder of the LaRouche Political Action Committee, Lyndon LaRouche has put those questions before us, repeatedly. It has been the organizing of his movement that has largely shaped the issues in the ongoing national election. But not enough of the American people yet understand what is at stake. Not enough of our leaders, or would-be leaders, understand.

On May 7, Lyndon LaRouche delivered an address in Washington, DC at a town meeting sponsored by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (L-PAC), to once again, outline how the nation and world has gotten into the mess it is in, and, more importantly, how we can save civilization from doom. The event was broadcast live over the internet.

Edition No. 716 of The LaRouche Connection featured Mr. LaRouche’s opening remarks. This edition presents seven questions from the Discussion Session. The entire event was moderated by Debra Freeman.

• From a woman working in one of the Presidential campaigns: “[Polls are showing] that 90% of Democrats who voted for Obama in each of the past primaries, have said they would vote for Clinton in a McCain vs. Clinton race. However, the opposite is simply not true: the majority of those who voted for Clinton now, may indeed vote for McCain, in a McCain vs. Obama race. What’s up with the Democratic Party – the DNC, the House Dem Caucus, the Sen. Dem Caucus? Even from the most limited pragmatic, pedestrian view, the simple fact is, that Clinton can beat McCain and Obama can not. What are they doing? Do they know what they’re doing, or are they being played for fools?”

• From a state-wide office holder in New York: “The New York press is full of stories that Karl Rove has insinuated that the Republicans are in possession of an October Surprise, to be used if Obama becomes the Democratic nominee. But that would indicate that it would be their intention to make McCain President, and that doesn’t seem to make sense to me. Personally, I do think McCain is crazy, but I really don’t believe he is a fascist. What’s your view of this?”

• From a former female Secretary of Labor: “One of the most pressing issues we face is the price of fuel. On the food issue, clearly one way to address this problem is to increase food production. However, the massive increases in the price of fuel are not a result of oil shortages per se. Clinton’s proposal at least recognizes the problem, but we’re all aware of the fact that it hardly solves. It. What action would you recommend? Is the proper path one of going after OPEC and the big oil companies? Is there some legislative initiative that should be pursued?”

• From some unidentified person: “If you were running Clinton’s campaign, what would you tell her? How can she intensify her appeal to the lower 80% [of income brackets]? Do you think that any of this ultimately is sufficient to overcome the hierarchy that’s determined to keep her out of the Presidency, and if not, then what do you think she has to add to her appeal?”

• From a Democrat on the Senate Agricultural Committee: “Will you be drafting something similar to the HBPA [Homeowners and Bank Protection Act], on the food question? Regardless of whether you plan on submitting actual legislation, what specifically would you recommend in the way of legislative action, to immediately address the crisis?”

• From a Clinton supporter: “If Obama is a fall-guy set up by the British Empire, [then] why are you not backing Clinton 100%? I understand that she is not perfect, but is without doubt, the only one that has a chance of doing right by humanity.”

• Composite question on Africa: “What is your solution to the problem that you refer to in Africa, where the growth of the African population is seen as a threat to the international financiers’ control of raw materials? Do you believe that there is a difference between the Anglo-Dutch financier oligarchy and the government of Great Britain? Many people in Africa really don’t see any difference between the two. Considering the food and financial problems that Africa faces, if right now you were standing anywhere on the African continent, what would you say to the African people?”

[For a complete transcript, see EIR magazine, Vol. 35, No. 20 (May 16, 2008), pp 4-31.]

Release Date: June 23, 2008

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