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Program No. 736
“Americans No Longer Accept Their President or Congress”

On August 1, Lyndon LaRouche gave a video webcast address from Northern Virginia, sponsored by the LaRouche Political Action Committee. The event was moderated by his national spokeswoman, Debra Freeman.

In his opening remarks, featured in this edition of The LaRouche Connection, Mr. LaRouche forecast a grim near future for the nation and the world, unless his policy proposals are very quickly taken up.

LaRouche: “The crisis point from which to reference the present U.S. and world situation, is the period from the 2nd of October through about the 10th or 12th of October of this year. As of that time, the already totally hopelessly bankrupt United States will have crashed entirely, politically, and will be in a process of disintegration—unless that process has started earlier. And it could start very early, in this present month of August.”

“Wall St. and the rest of the world is in a world of unreality. The President is clinically insane…. His policies on health care are absolutely identical to those of Adolf Hitler, beginning officially Sept. of 1939…. We’re dealing with a President who is committed deliberately to a policy of genocide! And, because he’s run from London, not from the U.S., if you don’t stop his health-care policy now, you will not have a United States, but something worse than Hitler produced, because it will be on a global scale, so we have to change these things, and change them now.”

Mr. LaRouche repeats his chilling forecast: “As of Oct. 2-10, approximately, the economic-financial system is finished. The states are bankrupt. The rate of unemployment is increasing. Catastrophe is increasing. There will never be a recovery of the present world monetary system. There will never be a recover of the economy, under the present financial system. It’s impossible. As of Oct. 2-10, or 12, approximately, the entire system is coming down.”

He then relates a bit of personal history, beginning with his World War II military service experience in India. It is April 13, 1945. News is just received, that President Franklin Roosevelt has died. When asked by his worried buddies if the U.S. would survive, his response was: “What I know is, we have been under the leadership of a great man. And now, the leadership has passed to a very little man. And I’m worried, for us!”

Mr. LaRouche brings us up to date, through British-puppet Truman’s betrayal and police-state conditions to rid the country of Roosevelt’s influence, including an unnecessary recession, as the nation became a running dog of the British Empire; the slight change for the better under Eisenhower; Kennedy’s attempt to restore our economic policy to Roosevelt standards, and his British-orchestrated assassination for that effort; Johnson’s terror of getting the same treatment unless he succumbed to the quagmire of an Indo-China war; the consistent collapse, per capita and per square kilometer of the physical economy, and of the mean condition of welfare of the typical citizen since the mid-1960s; the looting under Nixon, accelerating under Rockefeller sucker Carter; and Reagan’s stunning announcement of the Strategic Defense Initiative—a policy-initiative of LaRouche.

Mr. LaRouche then introduces a new policy initiative: a Mars colonization program. In moving into space to get beyond the problems of an unsafe political-social-economic environment on planet Earth, we parallel the founding of America by people fleeing Europe—all because a certain Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464), “recognized that the degeneration of Europe meant that European civilization was not a safe place for civilization, that the old
oligarchical relics were still predominant. Cusa proposed that people in Europe go across the oceans to other
continents, and establish connections on other continents, with which to bring the best of European culture, (which
we later defended against European occupation)—to these other parts of the planet, and there, to build up, in concert with people we would find across the waters, to build up a civilization, which would in turn, contribute to the rescue of a corrupted Europe from its own sins.” Christopher Columbus ran into the papers of Cusa, and, off he went.

There was progress in this direction in the Massachusetts Bay and Mayflower Colonies, suppressed in the struggles of 1688-89, and revived later by Benjamin Franklin in Pennsylvania. The American Revolution, coming out of opposition to the Treaty of 1763, culminating in the Declaration of Independence, based on the central principle of Gottfried Leibniz’s notion of “pursuit of happiness;” and finally Alexander Hamilton, who conceived the idea of a National Bank, and therefore a credit system under control of a sovereign Republic completed Cusa’s vision.

Looting and sabotage of these ideas, a takedown of national banking, until finally the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, where the uttering of currency is taken away from Congress’s Constitutionally mandated responsibility (Art. 1, Sec. 8), returned to private and therefore unresponsible hands control of the nation: a private bankers’ club.

What are we to do? LaRouche: “Go out to our friends in Russia, China, India. Band together, and launch a new world financial system, a new credit system,” and bury the monetary system forever. That can be done, but we’ve still got a problem with a President who is no good. Short of impeachment, which Mr. LaRouche does not recommend at this time, we’ve got to expel the utilitarian-fascist advisors surrounding the President and surround him with competent ones. In the first round to go: the bothers Emanuel, Ezekiel (Health Care Advisor) and Rahm (White House Chief of Staff), Peter Orszag (Director of the Office of Management and Budget), Larry Summers (Director of the National Economic Council), Timothy Geithner (Treasury Secretary), and Benjamin Bernanke (Federal Reserve Chairman).

Using an updated animation of his now-famous “triple curve,” which pedagogically helps us get at some of the technical questions of how our economy is functioning, Mr. LaRouche demonstrates that per-capita rates of employment in productive labor—agriculture, infrastructure, and basic physical production—has decreased at an increasing rate; while the monetary and financial aggregates have been increasing at an increasing rate over the same period. Just recently the financial aggregates have begun to fall, indicating the onset of the breakdown crisis.

LaRouche next provides a history of monetarism, going way back to the Peloponnesian Wars (341-404 BC), whereby European and its extended civilization has been ruled by monetary systems, based on international systems, not nation-states, where peoples have been ruled by money, by a succession of powers which are largely private powers, which control money: Cult of Delphi, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Venice, British/Dutch Empire. Rather than bail out the Empire again, let’s ditch it this time.

LaRouche then shifts to a discussion of looking 50 years ahead: “Develop society by going to a higher platform than we’re standing on. Go beyond, in the imagination, what you think you should be doing now, and to a higher level. Progress is building something for the future. To build for the future, you have to define the future, your destination, which means you’re talking about at least two generations to come—50 years ahead.”

LaRouche makes another forecast: “I say, 50 years ahead, we’re going to be on Mars. And we define where we are today, by defining the objective we have to fulfill to get to Mars, 50 years from now.” “And so, we have to move ahead, develop a population that can deal with technologies of the future, and go ahead with optimism. We have a junk heap. If we don’t do something soon, this country is going to go to chaos. It may end up in a bloody dictatorship. It may end up in a planetary dark age. The way we’re going, all those evils are things we now deserve for our negligence. We have to take this President and straighten him out. We have to get him to fire everybody associated with his health-care policies. Dump every policy of that type out of the Administration now. Purge it of evil! And turn the responsibility for the Administration over to those institutions of government which include those members of Congress who have developed a better sense of shame than they have shown so far. And by those members of government now, who are in power, who will freely and happily change the policies of this government in the direction needed. And, as long as I am here, I am going to help them do it.”

For a complete transcript of the webcast, see EIR Magazine Vol. 36, No. 30 (Aug. 7, 2009): pp. 4-45.

Release Date: Sept. 3, 2009

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