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Episode: BV 20-09 - Mark Charles Examines ''We the People'' As an Independent Candidate for President

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Mark Charles Examines ''We the People'' As an Independent Candidate for President

On May 30, 2019, Mark Charles announced that he was running for President of the United States as an Independent. During the past 25 years, his concerns about the disturbing history of this nation has led him on a journey as an activist, public speaker, consultant, and co-author of the book, ''Unsettling Truths.''

Mark Charles, a Native Navajo was first interviewed by ''Brethren Voices'' in July 2018 at the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference held in Cincinnati, Ohio. Prior to the major onset of the pandemic, ''Brethren Voices'' and host, Brent Carlson met up with Mark at one of his campaign appearances.

The Independent candidate states, ''We the People,'' has really never meant all of the people. In this program, Mark Charles takes us down the path to new understanding, that we never learned in school.

''The U.S. Constitution's ''We the People,'' excludes Natives, African Americans, Latinos, women, women of color, and more marginalized communities. Charles says it doesn't mean ''all the people;'' it actually means ''white, land-owning men.'' It mentions men 51 times, never mentioning women.

''That foundational level implicit bias has never fully been removed,'' he said. ''We never abolished slavery. We just redefined it and codified it under the criminal justice system. The same goes for voting rights. It never applied to women until the women's suffrage movement. Those same voting rights didn't come through for women of color, especially for Native people, until years later,'' Charles stated.

Charles said, ''In my study and research as well as experience, the United States of America is white supremacist, racist and sexist because of our foundations, not in spite of our foundations. We need reconciliation and time to lament.''

''Do you want to live in a nation where, ''We the People'' means all of the people? We are a diverse people where change can happen.'' #AllThePeople
- Mark Charles -

Tags: Mark Charles; Presidential Candidate; Independent; Navajo; #AllThePeople; ''We the People;'' Reconciliation; Constitutional Revision; Remove Racist & Sexist Language; Abolish Slavery; Value Life; Native People; Afro-Americans; Church of the Brethren; Brethren Voices;
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Episode Short Description: This program features Mark Charles, the Native Navajo who is running for President as an independent. His message is compelling.

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