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PSA 01m34s 004 - Happiness Requires Balance - via PSA 001

Today the topic is: how to find happiness in an unhappy world.

Now, all of us seek happiness, in fact, that’s one of the whole purposes of life - joy and happiness. But, if we’re all trying to be happy and most of us are succeeding at various things: we have good educations, we have families and careers, and an awful lot of people are even financially well to-do, then why aren’t we happier? Almost everyone you speak with has problems, all different types.

So what I intend to do is to explore some of what I believe are the primary causes for our lack of happiness and then focus on things that will provide us with a solution. Now, mind you, these are merely some suggestions, by no means should you limit yourself to these particular perceptions.

At least they’re a jumping off point for yourself.

Tags: Happiness, Purpose Of Life, Joy, Happier, Explore, Focus, Solutions, Suggestions, Perceptions, Balance, Gratitude, Families, Careers,
Run Time: 01:34
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Episode Short Description: Finding joy and happiness is one of the main purposes of life, and all of us seek it. This show focuses on some solutions to find more happiness.

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