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Episode: -GNS 009 - Natural Pet Care - Part 1

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Natural Pet Care - Part 1 - GNS 009

If you have a pet, you’re a lucky person. And if you give all the joy and love you can to your pet, you’re a special person. There’s a way that pets help keep us humble and humane, and it touches both the masculine and the feminine within our nature. I don’t know if you have a parakeet or a cockatoo or a cockatiel, a dog or a cat, a fish or a horse.

Whatever you have: it can be healthier, it can live longer.

And the payoff at the end is you might have a dog with you twice as long, or a cat, as you otherwise would have, without having to pay enormous vet bills. Even the question and controversy around vaccines - should you automatically vaccinate for whatever the vet says? Maybe not. We’ll explore that as well.
Tags: Pets, Pet Care, Healthier, Vets, Diet, Vaccines, Joy, Love, Special, Humble, Humane, Parakeet, Cockatoo, Cockatail, Dog, Cat, Fish, Ferret, Rabbit, Horse,
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Episode Short Description: Your pet can live a much longer healthier life. Even twice as long without enormous vet bills.

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