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"Showdown in Seattle-5 Days That Shook the WTO" part5 (of 5)
Subtitled "What Democracy Looks Like," Dec 3, 1999

William Kunsler, great American defense attorney describes Michelangelo's Statue of David as unique because it captures the moment of decision, not the moment of victory. The first four episodes of "Showdown in Seattle" were produced while the battle was raging, when each activist and group had to face THEIR moment of decision, the moment when they decided to go up against all odds to really stop the WTO. This, the final episode of "Showdown," proclaims their victory as the WTO talks collapsed in defeat. (Although not shown in this episode, to really rub it in, the city government of Seattle refused to let the WTO conference extend their stay in town by even a day, even though the WTO begged for an extension. Activists in the streets shut down the WTO on the first day, and the City shut them down again on the last day. Double shut-down!

Some people feel that it took 911 and the subsequent development of the US security state to stop the people's movement that stopped the WTO. Irregardless of 911, the united front that emerged to stop the WTO in Seattle still is needed, now, more than ever. There have been subsequent losses of liberties, economic collapse, and an ever greater understanding of the importance of taking into consideration the environment. As a species, are still racing for the bottom when we need to fight for the other world that is possible. (There is not one peep about global warming in ANY of these 5 episodes. That's one example of an issue that has arisen full force since 1999.)

These videos serve as a fine example of what can come out of a people's media. The IMC went viral, spreading to countries around the world, playing an important part in keeping the movement alive and well. The PepperSpray Collective, producers of "Indymedia Presents," began under the auspices of the Seattle IMC. We are proud to continue this fine tradition. Like Michelangelo's David we have decided we can fight the giant, and we can win.

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