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Program No. 738
“Down with the British Empire!”

Precisely on his 87th birthday, September 8, Lyndon LaRouche conducted an international video webcast from Northern Virginia to lay out the stark choices facing the United States and the world over the next few weeks. The event, sponsored by the LaRouche Political Action Committee, was moderated by his national spokeswoman Debra Freeman.

This edition of The LaRouche Connection features the first hour of Mr. LaRouche’s opening remarks.

In recent addresses, Mr. LaRouche has warned of the approaching storm, but now the hour is very late. We must face the fact that President Obama is moving toward the imposition of a fascist tyranny on the United States. This involves both his Hitler-modelled health-care plan, but also, his adoption of the Unitary Executive principle of dictatorship, put into place by the Bush-Cheney Administration after 9/11.

LaRouche: “I can promise you a lot of bad news. We are now at the end of things. There’s no competence in [President Barak Obama]. There never has been and there never was intended to be. He has no comprehension of what he’s talking about.”

We have to face the reality of the economic breakdown crisis, which calls for immediate action to create useful jobs for the growing number of unemployed. This kind of shift – what Franklin Roosevelt accomplished in the early period of his administration – is needed right now, politically, as well as economically.

The Principle of Empire and Monetarism: “All European imperialism, including British imperialism today, is not based on landed territory; it’s based on international concerts of private interests who create and manage money. Nation-states are subsidiary to this international control of money. The British Empire, is not an empire of the people of the United Kingdom, but an empire of an international consortium of these types of interests, whose control over money is used to control nations.”

The American Exception and Credit: “The one case in which this was not successful, was the formation of the United States, which started with a different system of finance, called a credit system, beginning with scrip in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which was later referred to as a paper-money system by Benjamin Franklin, and is the characteristic of the U.S. Federal Constitution. The Constitution does not condone a monetary system of the type we’ve had, particularly under the Federal Reserve system, which was an act of treason against the U.S. because it destroyed us as a credit system, and made us the subject of an international monetary system. The only authorization for the circulation of money inside the U.S. or any other respectable nation, is an act of the state, not the going of the state to some international private monetary complex, to which the state goes into debt! Our debt is by our will, and it’s our debt to ourselves, or by treaty agreements with other countries, in nation-to-nation agreements. And that is the principle we must apply, if we’re going to save civilization now.”

We’ve come to a point that the globalist monetarist system (“free trade”) must be superseded. The United States must now lead in carrying out President Franklin Roosevelt’s post World War II intention to create a world-wide credit system, to free people from colonialism and subjugation, to reverse the direction taken at Roosevelt’s death by British Lord Maynard Keynes’ derailing of Roosevelt’s intention for the 1944 Bretton Woods conference, and by President Truman’s letting Wall Street back in to play their games.

“So, we as an English-speaking nation, by and large, are absolutely unique on this planet, and we are the greatest danger, because we represent the alternative to the use of European culture, in Europe, as a way of destroying humanity. That’s why they want to destroy us.”

The reorganization of our financial affairs is the necessary condition for solving our physical economic problems. Contrary to the current Green revolution nostrum of “reduce, reuse, recycle,” the human race depends upon the increase of what’s called the “energy flux-density of power sources.” Over the millennia, we’ve gone from sunlight, to burning wood; to coal, coke, oil and gas; and now nuclear. LaRouche discusses mankind’s progress in the use of “fire” which distinguishes us from the apes. “Without nuclear fission and thermonuclear fusion we will not be able to sustain a world population of the present magnitude, let alone an increased magnitude. So we do not lose productivity in getting at those resources on which we depend, we have to increase the concentration of power we must apply.”

The reason we can’t feed our population, is the fact that they aren’t employed! Mr. LaRouche proposes keeping Barak Obama in the Presidency, with the condition that he get rid of the bum advisors who now surround him, starting with Ezekiel and Rahm Emanuel, Peter Orszag, and others. Instead, President Obama must pay attention to what LaRouche can do, and what others can do to advise his government on an actual road to recovery in the desperate months ahead. The concentration must be on creating real employment in productive work, especially large-scale physical infrastructure projects, such as repairing the nation’s major river systems, thus rebuilding the confidence of Americans and communities, now in an angry mass-strike mood, that they can again trust their government.

LaRouche: “Mr. President, junk your present program. It’s idiotic, it’s completely stupid, and its’ criminal; stop it, Mr. President. For the first time in your life, be a mensch!”

[For a complete transcript of the webcast, see EIR magazine, Vol. 36, No. 37 (Sept. 25, 2009), pp. 4-41. On line at]

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