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Episode: BV 19-08 - Now Beginning: 15 Years of Brethren

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Now Beginning: 15 Years Of Brethren Voices

Brethren Voices Celebrates 14 Years of Sharing the Stories That Make for Peace & Justice.

The Church of the Brethren traces its roots back over 311 years, to 1708. Eighteenth-century Europe was a time of strong governmental control of the church and low tolerance for religious diversity. Nevertheless, there were religious dissenters who lived their faith in spite of the threat of persecution. Among them was Alexander Mack, a miller who had been influenced by both Pietism and Anabaptism.

In August 1708 five men and three women gathered at the Eder River in Schwarzenau, Germany for baptism, an illegal act since all had been baptized as infants. They understood this baptism as an outward symbol of their new faith and as a commitment to living that faith in community.

''Brethren Voices'' began 14 years ago to tell the stories of modern day Brethren who live their faith in action and deed. Brethren cannot be placed in a ''box.'' They're all different from one another. One thing is certain, they attempt to love each other, despite their differences and live as an example of Jesus. They value love of/faith in Jesus, love of neighbor, service, compassion, Christian witness, community, authority of the Bible, and peace.

This edition of ''Brethren Voices'' features special moments of Brethren Disaster Ministries; Musician, Steve Kinzie; Mark Charles regarding feelings of being Native American. March For Our Lives expresses concerns of children and John Jones of Camp Myrtlewood ask the question, ''What kind of world are we passing on to the children?
Tags: Brethren, Brethren Voices, Service to Others, Concerns of Gun Violence, Saving the Planet, Religious Dissenters, Peace & Justice for All, Love for All Despite Differences, Faith in Action,
Published: Aug 6, 2019, ID: BV 19-08
Category: Education, 57:59
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Episode Short Description: Brethren Voices Celebrates 14 Years of Sharing the Stories That Make for Peace & Justice.

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