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Episode: BV 19-07 - Nature Land Trusts - Saving The Creation

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Nature Land Trusts - The Saving Creation

In 2015 a Conservation Easement was Created for Camp Myrtlew​ood, a church camp located in the Coast Range Mountains of Southern Oregon, about 25 miles east of Coos Bay, Oregon. This was enacted with the assistance of the Wild Rivers Land Trust, Camp Managers John & Margaret Jones and the Pacific-Northwest District Church of the Brethren. John Jones, stated, ''It was an attempt to create an 'old growth forest' that is 420 years old, which is seven generations of a natural Douglas-fir forest.''

The conservation easement is a legal binding document that outlines how to take care of the land. It has specific guidelines on care giving and must be followed by the current and future landowners. John Jones states, “It becomes an attachment with the deed. Anybody who buys the land, no matter who it is, must respect it, legally.”

This edition of ''Brethren Voices'' features an interview of Ann Schmierer, Executive Director of Wild Rivers Land Trust, conducted by John Jones, who with his wife, Margaret Jones, managed Camp Myrtlewood for 30 years.

Wild Rivers Land Trust was established in the year 2000, to promote the principle of land stewardship and foster the voluntary protection of open space, scenic beauty and natural resources of the Elk River and adjacent watersheds in Curry and southern Coos Counties, Oregon. Partnering with landowners, Wild Rivers Land Trust explores non-regulatory methods to safeguard the rural way-of-life that many people cherish.

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Episode Short Description: Interview of Ann Schmierer, Executive Director of Wild Rivers Land Trust - nurturing land stewardship, scenic beauty, and nature.

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