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“5 Days That Shook the WTO” part 2, (Nov 30, 1999)

This is the second of 5 daily segments, produced at the Seattle Indymedia Center, covering the WTO protests in Seattle in late 1999. Part 2 was produced on Nov 30th, the day most associated with the WTO protests. It was the opening day of the official proceedings. Activists were way better organized, and got up earlier than authorities had expected. Using multiple tactics, including the blockading of the streets leading to the meetings, activists managed to do what they had promised to do, which is keep the meetings from happening. Longshoremen shut down every port on the west coast, Seattle cab drivers went on strike, activists held their blockades and barricades, and 50,000 union members marched into the city center, hard hats, steel toed boots and all. Beyond physically stopping the meetings, the coalition which formed to stop the “millennium round” of the WTO scored a BIG political victory by putting the WTO and the problems with it in the minds of people and by really boosting and linking movements around the world.

Watching this footage, which was captured and edited in the thick of the “Battle of Seattle” is fascinating, because 10 years later we know how the story turned out, and that the effort was way more successful than even the activists understood at the moment. The stories of how US Secretary of State Madaline Albright was stuck in her hotel room and couldn’t get to the sites of the WTO meetings were not known to demonstrators on the ground. The stories of how the protests outside embolded Third World delegates inside the Ministerial meetings only came out later. The video coverage of that day, contained in part two of the 5 segments is remarkable for how similar it is to ANY large demonstration, and shows, in a way, how “mountaintop” moments are made.

Indymedia Presents #371 features part 2 of the 5 parts series made 10 years ago in occupied Seattle. Part 3 will be in our next episode, #372, and so on.

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