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Episode: Life Rhythms and Flyby News

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''Life Rhythms and Flyby News'' features music and poetry with an overview of the efforts of Flyby News for life's survival in the 21st Century. Music, nature, and poetry are the driving forces for this update.

Flyby News came out of a 1999 NASA high-risk ''flyby'' of Earth, travelling at around 10 miles per second while carrying 72.3 pounds of highly radioactive Plutonium on board. This was when NASA was trying to claim it was independent as a civilian space agency, but in actuality it was taken over primarily for military operations long ago.

The 1969 to 1972 Apollo lunar missions, which is about to experience the 50th anniversary, (if we remove our blinders covering our eyes with a lifetime of conditioning) is obviously a military psychological operation. After the JFK assassination and control over the mainstream media, the psy-op is fooling many in our world to believe something that has not been reproduced up to the present day. NASA is withholding measures of the radiation fields due to 'national security interests.' That should tell you something.

Images and sounds include footage of a 2015 Flyby News film called: ''Beyond Moss Brook - No Fracking Way.'' Poetry is read by Jonathan Mark from ''Mitakuye Oyasin - poetic thoughts and stories'' published by Tree-Root Press, 1980. Poems are also featured from Life Rhythms poetry at - Special acknowledgements go to Kelvin Mockingbird and Canyon Records for their permission to use music from Night Echo * Star Seed with Native American Flute. Other musicians are noted in video and note artwork by Leonard Peltier of a young Native American girl (called ''Coming Home)., which is a creative self-portrait of a special human being. Look for ''Free Leonard Peltier'' at FN to learn more about this important human rights case. Next to this image is a drawing of a Native American by a friend I had known when living in an intentional alternative community in western Massachusetts around 1970, Mark Fahrner, who changed his name to Mark Jenner. I just learned that he passed on from this world. My condolence to his family and appreciation of his art remaining with us. The picture of the moose and deer skeleton and crystal is above the grave of Willow, my forever black Labrador friend. Thanks to all the spirits of nature, all its elements and directions.

Massimo Mazzucco's recent film, ''American Moon'' compiles in a single piece of work all the best evidence in favour of the moon landings and the evidence contrary to them. For the first time we can also analyze the Apollo pictures in detail, with the aid of some among the top photographers in the world. What was the Apollo project really? The biggest achievement in the history of mankind or the biggest hoax of all times watched on live television by more than half a billion people?

Mazzucco's film is available at his website
and on Amazon. It will be available over the Internet in 2019 before the anniversary. On youtube you can see the Trailer (in first 3 minutes) from Flyby News half-hour interview with him at PEG and youtube -

Regarding Bart Jordan, we expect that by early 2019 a new program will explain reconstructed formula detailing the message on Mars and Earth from pre-ice-age times and show proof that many coincidences can reveal many facts. The source for his work is from ancient humans in harmony with our universe light years ahead of where we are today. As Jordan says, ''Our future is in our past with no escape present.'' Flyby News plans to publish the new information prior to publishing on youtube, here:

Flyby News is educational and nonviolent in focus and has supported critical campaigns for a healthy environment, human rights, justice, and nonviolence, since the launch of NASA’s Cassini space probe in 1997.

Fair Use Notice (see near the bottom at

For more on all these topics plus much more, explore news fit to transmit in the post-Cassini flyby era - -

Episode Short Description: Music, nature, and poetry are the driving forces in this update, covering 50 years in becoming aware of what is true and false in the world around us.

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